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What is an MBA Course?

What is an MBA Course?

If you’re thinking of studying an executive mini Master of Business Administration (MBA) course, you probably have questions on what exactly this will help you to achieve professionally.

We’ve written this blog post to outline the fundamental concepts of a mini MBA, along with the professional outcomes you can expect. This type of course has a considerable amount to offer individuals looking to continue climbing the career ladder and is designed to build on core business competencies.

After reading this guide, you will have a more robust understanding of what to expect from an executive mini MBA, and whether this is the right course for you.

An MBA course is a Master of Business Administration: a graduate-level business degree designed to expand your business acumen and your future opportunities.

By building upon the skills and proficiencies you have developed in your career, an MBA provides an opportunity to progress to the next level. MBA tutors leverage their vast and varied business experience to create course content that distils key business concepts whilst laying the groundwork for your continued development and future success.

Full information on the types of MBA available can be found at the Prospects.ac.uk website here, or read on to learn about the InPD Executive Mini MBA course.

What is a mini MBA accelerator?

A mini MBA accelerator course condenses the essential theory, practice, and techniques of a full MBA, delivering its benefits over an intense 5-day session.

The programme is designed for managers, directors, and senior stakeholders with 3 years minimum of senior management experience. The goal is to bolster your skillset, to enhance future prospects and build upon the skills you have developed thus far in your career.

By distilling down the essential theory of an MBA, a mini MBA accelerator looks to deliver the benefits while only requiring a fraction of the financial and time investment.

Here are the intended learning objectives of our Executive Mini MBA course to give you a greater understanding of what to expect. You will develop –

  • A comprehensive understanding of key business concepts and theories.
  • A framework from which to make more effective strategic business decisions, and upon which to develop more effective plans.
  • An ability to think critically and act strategically in the context of business.
  • Increased confidence in your ability to communicate effectively.

The focus throughout is on commercial viability and relevance in the business arena. All course content is built upon contemporary management ideas and techniques that incorporate best practice from the private and public sectors. This focus ensures quality content that will provide the foundation for effective business decision-making for years to come.

How can a mini MBA accelerator help me professionally?

A mini MBA is designed to enhance your career prospects whilst developing your managerial awareness. There is a strong focus on the core disciplines; management, leadership, organisation, and work relationships.

By condensing the core aspects of a full MBA course into a concise mini MBA, you gain access to many direct benefits to your professional development.

Where a traditional MBA would take one or two years to complete, a mini MBA course offers considerable time and cost savings, freeing up time to focus on building yourself and your business. This format makes it more realistic to study alongside your career, rather than pausing it to study in isolation.

Key learning outcomes of the mini MBA accelerator include –

  • Improvement in your leadership skills and personal confidence, helping you to actualise professionally.
  • Improvement of your ability to influence and impact colleagues and clients, to strengthen these core business relationships.
  • Improvement of your negotiation skills to better manifest your desired business outcomes.
  • Improvement of your financial understanding to strengthen the bottom line of your business.
  • Improvement of critical strategic marketing tactics to amplify your results and those of your business.
  • Improvement of your understanding of and ability to carry out the steps to complete projects successfully.

As you can see, these outcomes offer real, tangible benefits for you as an individual, your career trajectory, and your organisation. By honing in on the attributes most vital for succeeding in business, the mini MBA accelerator paves the way for a wholesome, enjoyable, and most importantly, profitable life in business.

Should you decide to take the mini MBA on an accredited basis with INPD, you’ll also receive a PGCert in Business Administration (WBIS) from the University of Chester on completion.

This route offers the option to delve deeper into organisational and management theory. You will complete three assignments, one for each of the following modules –

  • The Director’s Role in Governance and Finance.
  • The Director’s Role in Leading and Managing an Organisation.
  • The Director’s Role in Strategic Leadership and Marketing.

Not only will you gain knowledge and expertise from the completion of these modules, but you will have earned 60 points toward a Masters degree, for which 180 points are required. This academic foundation positions you to continue your professional progression, and to reap more of the benefits that this trajectory offers.

How can In Professional Development help?

At In Professional Development, we are proud to offer courses that contribute real value to our learners. The tutors who deliver our courses are highly qualified in relevant disciplines and have the skills and experience required to ensure success.

Here are some of our tutors’ qualifications and backgrounds, indicative of their skill sets –

  • Occupational psychology specialising in leadership development.
  • Educational consultancy.
  • Marketing strategy and business transformation.
  • Resourcing, HR, and talent management.
  • Corporate banking and commerce.
  • Change management consultancy.

By tapping into these advanced skill sets, we guarantee the best quality learning outcomes on our courses.

We also deliver in house and bespoke training courses, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. This can range from in house delivery of our core course portfolio, to fully-customised training and development programmes to achieve your unique business goals.

At this unusual time, we are proud to offer fully virtual training solutions. State-of-the-art video conferencing technology lets us deliver highly interactive and engaging training on a fully remote basis.


A mini MBA accelerator distils the core concepts of a full MBA into a concise, impactful qualification. If you are looking to climb the career ladder further, the skills and competencies you develop in a mini MBA could help you to realise this vision.

In terms of next steps, we recommend taking a look at our course page. We offer multiple courses throughout the year, and this page outlines precisely what you can expect to gain. 

We look forward to welcoming you onto a course, and to helping you join the ranks of our many satisfied graduates.

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