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What You’ll Learn on a CMI-Accredited Course

What You’ll Learn on a CMI-Accredited Course

Is a CMI qualification worth it?

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is the benchmark professional body in the world of management and leadership. As well as setting standards for quality in the field, this widely respected and firmly established professional body is the only organisation to award Chartered Manager status. The CMI partners with selected learning institutions to provide reputable course accreditation, including those on offer at In Professional Development. 

A CMI qualification is synonymous with quality training and is an assurance to hiring professionals that you have the skills required to excel in a role. In this post, we’ll review some of the things you can expect to learn on a CMI course, before moving on to the reasons why a CMI course is worth the investment.

CMI Level 5 courses focus on core management skills while Level 7 courses concentrate on the strategic aspects of management. 

When you enrol in a CMI course, you’ll learn about aspects such as understanding the traits of good leaders, the importance of self-awareness as a leader, and how you can motivate others through effective coaching and mentoring.

You’ll also study topics that support leading teams through change, understanding how teams operate, as well as devising and implementing strategies within your role and across the organisation.

Why is a CMI qualification worth the investment?

Courses will have different outcomes, depending on the course level and the position at which you are in your career. There are numerous reasons why you should invest in a CMI course. We’ve highlighted seven of the main reasons.

1. CMI qualifications are nationally recognised, making them a major addition to your CV

Chartered Management status and the acronym ‘CMI’ are synonymous with quality and excellence, and qualifications accredited by the body are nationally recognised. Anyone who understands the industry will appreciate the importance of these qualifications on your CV and is more likely to consider hiring you over another candidate. They know you’ll have received training of a superb standard and are proficient in your role.

2. The CMI reviews content thoroughly before accrediting it

The CMI has outlined its Professional Standards of best practice in management and leadership, and these standards underpin everything it offers, from qualifications, through to continuing professional development (CPD). If the CMI is going to accredit training, it’s going to scrutinise the course content thoroughly before allowing the course provider to put its name to the qualification. You can be sure you’re receiving high-quality training.

3. CMI-accredited courses teach valuable skills you can apply directly in the workplace

CMI courses are practical and efficient. These courses help you build practical skills and theoretical knowledge that you can then apply in your workplace. These could be coaching skills, decision making, strategy formation, analysis of yourself as a leader, conflict management, or other skills. You’ll complete the course having acquired tools that you can utilise in your current and future roles.

4. CMI courses allow the flexibility to achieve and still fulfil your employment commitments

The CMI offers flexibility in its training so that you can study remotely, making it easier to fulfil your employment commitments while still receiving training to become a better manager. At In Professional Development, we operate several of our CMI-accredited courses online, especially because of the need for social distancing in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

5. The CMI-accredited course range features a wide variety of titles to align with your interests

Managers must develop a seemingly infinite range of skills: delegation, organisation, interpersonal, coaching and mentoring, planning, motivation, communication, strategic thinking, and more. The range of CMI courses available allows you to focus on the skills you’re most interested in developing, based on your unique interests and career aspirations. You can return to your duties feeling more confident in your capabilities and assured you’re equipped with the skills necessary to excel.

6. The CMI-accredited course range consists of different levels to suit your current skill set

The purpose of CMI courses is to help you become a better manager, enabling you to perform in line with the body’s high standards for professionals in the industry. The different CMI course levels facilitate learning in line with your current skill set as a manager. As you progress through the levels, strengthening your core skills, you can make the journey from line management through to middle management, through to senior management.

7. A CMI qualification can distinguish you from colleagues and give you prospects of a promotion

Achieving a CMI qualification rewards you with a potential competitive edge. This grade carries entitlement to use the designatory letters MCMI qualification after their name. When organisations are evaluating employee performance and considering who to promote, the specialised training that you’ve taken can make you much more appealing. If your colleagues haven’t invested their time in studying for a CMI qualification, you’ll be placing yourself in a stronger place of contention for promotion.

Book a CMI-accredited course with us

Studying for a CMI qualification creates scope for you to develop robust management skills and to further your career, progressing from lower levels of management through to senior management. The range of levels and courses makes it possible for you to focus extensively on specific skills or areas of knowledge you need to acquire, or on which you wish to expand, at the most appropriate and beneficial level. 

Put yourself in the best position to succeed in your role by booking a place on one of our CMI-accredited courses. For further advice, you can email us at enquiries@inpd.co.uk, contact us via the message form on our Contact Page or call us on 0161 826 3139. We’ll provide you with information and recommendations to help you choose the best course for you.

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