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CMI Level 5 - Leadership and Management in Construction Programme

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CMI Level 5 - Leadership and Management in Construction Programme

The CMI Level 5 - Leadership and Management in Construction Programme reflects current practice in leadership and allows participants to develop and expand their understanding and their application of leadership skills required in the construction workplace. Through key leadership models, theories and case studies, participants will be encouraged to develop their own leadership approach and consider how this fits with the vision, mission and values within their organisation.

On the course, participants will develop the key behaviours, attributes and skills of successful leaders and build their own levels of confidence in these areas. They will reflect on their levels of impact, and develop strategies to work with people including influencing, dealing with difficult people and fostering a culture of positive performance in their areas of responsibility. Through this engaging course participants will learn a range of theories to expand and challenge pre-conceptions of current leadership practices.

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CMI Level 5 – Leadership and Management in Construction awards the Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management


3 Day

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About the Programme

This course is ideal for anyone in a management position within a construction setting.

This course is for delegates who want to:

  • Think and act strategically
  • Make informed, evidence based decisions
  • Learn how to motivate staff
  • Create and maintain a high performance culture

On completion of this Programme, delegates will gain:

  • The ability to think and act strategically
  • The ability to make informed, evidence based, decisions
  • An understanding of how to motivate staff who create and maintain a high-performance culture
  • Greater self-awareness and responsibility for self-development
  • An understanding of inter-organisational strategic direction and planning.

Each session will explore topics pertinent to leadership and management as well as provide practical skills development to equip participants with tools to apply in their everyday practice.

Session 1

Key themes include:

  • Understanding the management role
  • Building leadership behaviours in a construction setting
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Session 2

Key themes include:

  • Leading people in construction
  • Forming positive relationships
  • Leading courageous conversations
  • Influencing positive performance

Session 3

Key themes include:

  • Analysing drivers for change
  • Developing a business case
  • Planning and controlling projects
  • Leading and managing change across construction

The sessions are designed to support the delegates to achieve a recognised leadership qualification (accredited by CMI) should they wish to and will incorporate the assessment criteria to meet Level 5.


The CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership is designed to develop the skills needed to lead and manage individuals and teams, providing a broader knowledge of skills to help you to be more effective in specific management areas.  

You will be required to take the theory, thought leadership and research discussed on the programme, and implement it in your professional life by focusing on your own leadership development.  

Delegates will be required to complete two 3,500 – 4,000-word written assignments that require taught theory to be applied to the organisational context: 

  • 501: Principles of Management and Leadership in an Organisational Unit 714: Personal and Professional Development for Strategic Leaders 
  • 502: Principles of Developing, Managing and Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success   


As part of your course fee, you are given unlimited access to post-classroom tutorials. These are organised monthly and run by CMI-qualified tutors to help guide learners through the assignment writing phase. 

Rob Garvey

Rob Garvey


Rob is teaching fellow at the University of Westminster and leads the MSc in BIM and digital practice modules at undergraduate level. He is actively involved in transforming construction initiatives by being a leader in the BIM Academic Forum, chair of the London BIM region and member at the BIM4SME. His activities have resulted in recognition through awards such as the CIOB International Innovation and Research Awards, 2016 Premier Award for MOOC in Digital Construction and 2013 Highly Commended for Project Intermission, a collaborative project using digital technologies. He has also won the RICS & BIM4SME award for Best Training Initiative in 2016 for the BeginBIM Series in collaboration with the London BIM Region.

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  • Understand the importance of thought leadership and its benefits to personal development in construction
  • Develop leadership and management capabilities
  • Understand how to develop, implement and evaluate high-level, strategic business cases
  • Be able to practically embed leadership and management development in the workplace
  • Gain the skills to act as a silent leader – leveraging and influencing others to act


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