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CMI Level 7 - Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme

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CMI Awards 2022 - INPD Shortlisted CMI Awards 2022 - INPD Shortlisted

CMI Level 7 - Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme

CMI Level 7 Coaching and Mentoring Programme is built on a foundation of key coaching and mentoring skills and techniques. Moving beyond this, participants will be given the opportunity to understand the significance of coaching within the learning and development strategy in any business or organisation.  

This course is designed for leaders who have the responsibility for developing and implementing coaching strategies, or who want to enhance their own personal competency. 

Participants will not only learn from the expertise of the course leader, key theories and models but also the experiences of their peers. By experiencing and reflecting upon different coaching approaches, people will develop a sound understanding of effective coaching methods, and learn how they can adapt and develop their own approach and strategy, specific to the needs of their organisation.  

At this level, the course will focus on individual self-awareness and coaching practice as well as the application of coaching and mentoring into the strategic organisational environment.

Course Summary


CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme awards the Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring


4 Day


Virtual Central Manchester Central London

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About the Programme

This course will give you a fresh perspective on building trust, minimising conflict and managing towards achieving strategic objectives. It also looks at the impact on organisational culture and the systemic application of coaching and mentoring. It is suitable for: 

  • Directors and owners 
  • Experienced senior leaders 
  • Newly-appointed leaders or aspiring leaders 
  • Consultants looking to formalise their knowledge of coaching 

This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Develop coaching approaches 
  • Learn how to mentor and coach through change 
  • Understand how high-performing teams work 
  • Improve your self-awareness 
  • Learn how to embed a coaching and mentoring culture through strategy 

On completion of this programme, you will: 

  • Be able to define coaching and its purpose 
  • Understand how high-performing teams work 
  • Hold improved self-awareness 
  • Have developed individual coaching approaches 
  • Understand how to mentor and coach through change 
  • Understand how coaching and mentoring relate to organisational goals, and the tools which monitor impact 
  • Understand the environmental factors within which coaching and mentoring operates, and how to positively influence success 
  • Understand how to embed a successful coaching and mentoring culture, and understand the necessary checks and balances for sustainable change 
  • Understand how to develop and implement coaching and mentoring strategy

Session 1

  • Definition of coaching and mentoring 
  • Coaching conversations, processes and models 
  • Coaching practice session 

Session 2

  • Ethical and contractual implications of coaching 
  • Reflective practice and continual improvement 
  • Psychology of coaching and mentoring 
  • Managing conflict  
  • Tools for self-awareness and improvement 
  • Coaching practice session 

Session 3

  • High-performing teams and performance management 
  • Motivational strategies 
  • Coaching conversations and individual professional development 
  • Coaching and business needs  
  • Evaluation of coaching practice 
  • Coaching practice session 

Session 4

  • Best practice and the role of supervision 
  • Principles of organisational culture 
  • Embedding a successful and sustainable culture of coaching and mentoring 
  • Group coaching practice 4 (coaching board) 

The CMI Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring 


The CMI Level 7 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring is designed for managers and leaders who have the authority and responsibility for developing and implementing a coaching and mentoring strategy across the organisation. The qualifications require managers and leaders to build on their strategic management and leadership skills and to focus on the requirements of embedding these skills into an organisation’s strategy. 

Delegates will be required to complete two 3,000 – 3,500-word written assignments. Each assignment requires taught theory to be applied to the organisational context: 

  • 7015: Coaching and mentoring within organisational culture  
  • 7020: Leadership coaching and mentoring skills  


As part of your course fee, you are given free and unlimited access to post-classroom tutorials. These are organised monthly and run by CMI-qualified tutors to help guide learners through the assignment writing phase. 

Fitzroy Andrew

Fitzroy Andrew


With a passion for learning; high standards; committed to social causes; grounded humility; an unerring instinct for developing potential. These qualities are amongst the hallmarks of Fitzroy’s 40-year career, and they continue to drive him as he develops his portfolio of work with individuals and enterprises.

He knows what it is to climb the career ladder. An HR Director at 29, a charity CEO by his mid-thirties, author of an award-winning research report, and a leader at executive and non-executive levels of SMEs and social enterprises over the last twenty years. Fitzroy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in strategy, leadership development, coaching and mentoring.

A gifted communicator, Fitzroy is turning his talents to focus in two key areas. The first is to work with individuals to make career and life success meaningful through strengthening and expressing what he calls their ‘Achievement Mindset’. This will be delivered through a tailored support package of coaching and self-presentation, and is equally relevant to employed and self-employed professionals.

The second arises out of his experience as a child of the Windrush generation, and is about helping corporate enterprises get the best from inclusive leadership. Teams in today’s workplace need to know how to maximise the contribution and effort from everyone; this places a premium on relationships. The most successful teams are the most inclusive teams, and Fitzroy is highly skilled at working with groups to help them unlock high performance through inclusion.

James Willerton

James Willerton


With more than 10 years of business consulting and professional service experience, James has developed a well-rounded and practical perspective on strategic development and human capital development at all levels and cross-industries both nationally and internationally.  With a focus on innovation in strategy development, James is a certified 'exceptional trainer’.  He has a diverse background in business management, innovation, strategy development, organisational development, recruitment and operations. 

During his role in recruitment, James applied advanced psychometric techniques and personally assessed over 1,000 candidates for client’s businesses, as well as his own. Combined with coaching, this has given him an advanced experience of dealing with the human psyche and obtaining optimal results for human capital and organisational development. 

James has a very approachable manner, with valuable real-world experience as an employer and a senior consultant to a wide-range of industries and organisations.

Pierson Stratford

Pierson Stratford


Pierson has 15 years’ experience as a consultant and facilitator, specialising in leadership, management and coaching. Experienced in the design and delivery of people development, Pierson uses coaching psychology to engage with leaders at all levels, supporting them to; be, have and do more. 

Highly experienced in talent development, from managing large graduate programmes to developing directors and senior leaders for global brands at an international level, Pierson adds value by making learning stick, while turning new knowledge into practical skills.

Dr. Victoria Smith-Collins

Dr. Victoria Smith-Collins


Dr Victoria Smith-Collins, Managing Director of Smith-Collins International, is one of our most experienced trainer-facilitators and coaches.

Victoria has over 20 years of academic and corporate experience that spans international markets.  She has trained/supervised academic programmes up to MBA level (including delivering lectures, tutorials and dissertation supervision). Victoria has also worked extensively with the Chartered Management Institute, delivering programmes, examining and verifying assessment work.

Victoria specialises in leadership/management development, with a focus on strategic leadership, consumer psychology (the subject of her Ph.D), organisational development and change management.  She has worked internationally for 13 years, where she has worked for an international training institute and has headed the Learning and Development function at one of the Middle East’s largest regional banks.

Whilst at the training institute, Victoria grew and developed a number of professional UK based programmes (including those from CMI and CIM).  She logged over 1500 hours of training/facilitation, training professionals from the financial services sector and other public and private sector organisations.  Before moving  to the bank, Victoria took on a senior business development role which primarily involved consulting with key clients (cross-sectors) and partnering with them to understand their development needs and tailor programmes to fulfil those needs.

Whilst at the bank, Victoria also took the role of HR business partner which involved working closely with departments on strategic change management projects.  The role involved many hours of coaching at multiple levels, from junior up to senior executives.  Trained as a coach through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM, UK), Victoria has over 1500 hours of international coaching experience that crosses industries.  Executive coaching is indeed one of her passions and her track-record of results is outstanding.

William McKee

William McKee


Starting out as a civil engineer responsible for large infrastructure projects, William became fascinated with the people side of business. Now a qualified business psychologist, and executive coach, he aims to bring a refreshingly practical approach to culture, people and performance. Over the last 10 years, he has worked with leaders and managers in organisations like British Airways, the Met Office, Bombardier, the NHS and multiple local authorities. He also spent time supporting SMEs and start-ups as well as working in the Middle East with one of the world’s largest food producers. As a result, he can relate to a wide range of people and organisational contexts. 


  • Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and holds the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential 
  • Lecturer with Henley Business School, teaching on its Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching (PCEC) programme 
  • Holds a Team Coaching Certificate from the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) 
  • Holds a foundation certificate in Nancy Kline’s Time to Think coaching method 
  • Recently interviewed for the book Coaching with Research in Mind on utilising psychometrics with coaching, as he aims to strike a balance between practical ‘rules of thumb’ and the latest evidence-based research. 

Laura Burton

Laura Burton


From her background as a Business psychologist, leadership development facilitator and consultant and post-graduate supervisor at university, Laura’s interests are firmly rooted in leadership, learning and the empowerment of others.

With an extensive Corporate and independent career, she’s retained a whole host of clients within the public and private sector with international experience. 

Nick Jerome

Nick Jerome


After working in sales and marketing management in the publishing and consultancy sectors, Nick had an epiphany and discovered coaching.​

He has for several years been an executive coach, and facilitates leadership, management and coaching programmes.​

Nick has an MBA, and a Masters in Coaching from Warwick University. He can also facilitate and coach in French. He’s a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Association for Coaching

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  • Develop coaching approaches
  • Learn how to mentor and coach through change
  • Understand how high performing teams work
  • Improve your self-awareness
  • Learn how to embed a coaching and mentoring culture


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