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The Executive Education and Professional Training Programme (PGCert)

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The Executive Education and Professional Training Programme (PGCert)

This programme sets an industry benchmark for trainers, facilitators and tutors delivering training to a professional audience. Designed around industry best practice and cutting edge research, the course will differentiate between training and education and enable participants to do both effectively, drawing upon current thought leadership and our own unique research into the field of professional education.

The five-day accelerator programme will focus on three core areas of professional education and training:

  • Understanding current theory relating to how people learn
  • Confidence in delivery using a range of teaching, coaching, and facilitation techniques to support knowledge transfer
  • Action research and application of innovation in adult training and education

The Executive Education and Professional Training Programme draws upon up-to-date neuroscience and psychological research relating to our understanding of how people learn.

Designed for evidence-based practitioners and engaging genuine thought leadership, the course will draw on the latest industry research. With detailed interviews and assessments of the best and most highly-regarded executive trainers in the UK, our research digs deep to truly understand their methods, techniques and approaches. This highly-interactive course boats “best-in-class” training and facilitation of senior executive groups.

Course Summary


Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Education - Optional


5 Day

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About the Programme

The programme will be beneficial to anybody who has an interest in teaching and training experienced adult groups.

Potential participants for the course include:

  • Learning and development professionals
  • Professional tutors, facilitators and trainers
  • Change leaders
  • Executive education professionals
  • Individuals exploring a career change into adult education
  • Organisational and workforce development professionals
  • Leaders and managers for whom teaching and developing others form part of their role. 


This course is for you if you want to:

  • Become an industry leader in teaching and training professional and executive adult learners
  • Understand current theory relating to how people learn
  • Build confidence in your delivery using a range of teaching, coaching and facilitation techniques

Design, develop and deliver best in industry, high-impact and engaging training and development programmes

On completion of this programme, participants will:

  • Successfully transfer professional knowledge to a professional audience and confirm learning has taken place
  • Utilise technology to enable virtual and blended learning facilitation for large audiences, or remote learners
  • Demonstrate confidence in the training and facilitation of experienced executive groups in own area of professional knowledge
  • Utilise current best practice approaches to coaching, mentoring and facilitation with professional groups
  • Research and apply current innovations in adult education through ‘action research’
  • Use an evidence-based approach to design training to meet a specific knowledge gap or requirement with a professional audience
  • Evaluate training using an industry model (such as the Kirkpatrick four levels)


Session 1

An Introduction to Educational Theory

Key themes include:

  • An introduction to the aims of the programme, the post graduate certificate qualification, and the requirements to complete it
  • Core concepts in teaching and learning; an analysis of teaching methods, experiential learning, and the role of reflective practice
  • Understanding how people learn – review of the key concepts in psychology and education, including social learning theory, constructivism and ‘schema’ theory
  • Emergent research from the most exciting leaders in the field

Session 2

Engaging the Executive Audience

Key themes include:

  • Engaging with the ‘big five’ personality types, and individual difference, in the training environment
  • Coaching within the context of teaching, and using coaching skills with groups
  • Facilitation skills, and a practical introduction to a variety of methods to support effective facilitation

Session 3

Learning and Development in Context

Key themes include:

  • An introduction to training needs analysis
  • Methods to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of training and validate knowledge transfer
  • Planning and designing your educational and training interventions, aims and objectives in teaching
  • Reviewing your own teaching practice, and the impact of programmes on the organisation

Session 4

Engaging with Innovation in Teaching

Key themes include:

  • An introduction to ‘action research’ in educational practice
  • An exploration of creativity and innovation in professional practice, mindset and skillset
  • Case studies of the most innovative approaches to teaching and learning currently being practiced
  • Identify innovations relevant to teaching your own area of professional practice
  • A delegate led analysis of current use of technology and other innovations to augment training and education with professional groups

Session 5

Psychology in Education, and Leading a Learning Culture

Key themes include:

  • An overview of key psychological theories that support teaching and learning, including flow theory, grit, growth mindset, and the zone of proximal development
  • Teaching as a leadership capability, and the role of teaching in developing an effective organisational culture
  • The role of learning and development in supporting the flow of information, and knowledge management, in organisations
  • Reflective practice; reviewing own performance as an educator, using established reflective processes, such as Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle
  • Action planning and tutorial scheduling

There are two levels of accreditation for this programme:

Certified Professional Practitioner

To become a certified trainer, participants will need to:

  1. Deliver a 15-minute session to fellow participants on the programme, applying core teaching theory from the course by:
  • setting an aim and objectives
  • delivering an engaging session relating to an area of expertise
  • confirming the aim and objectives have been met
  1. Write a 250-400 word reflective statement, identifying and discussing how they will apply the key concepts, techniques and theories into their professional practice. The reflective statement needs to demonstrate a clear understanding of concepts and application of learning.

The Postgraduate Certificate

The certificate is validated by University of Chester and those who successfully complete the programme will be eligible for a University of Chester award.

The assignments

You will be required to complete three work-based assignments of 4,000-5,000 words. They will be work-based (applied to the participant’s individual workplace practice) and submitted as part of a critically-reflective portfolio. Illustrative examples include an essay, report, oral assessment, portfolio – or a combination – as individually negotiated between student and tutor.

The assessments will be submitted on the following themes, or on a more specific subject for yourself (to be agreed with your designated tutor):

  • Assignment 1: Educational theory. Demonstrate an understanding of the educational theory that underpins professional education and training delivery.
  • Assignment 2: Professional practice. Provide a portfolio of lesson plans and reflections on 20 hours of teaching.
  • Assignment 3: Action research paper. Research, apply, and reflect on the application of a current innovation in adult education.

This will be discussed in more detail throughout the programme.

Support and guidance

Students are provided with:

  • Guidance from an experienced academic assessor
  • Literature available through the University of Chester e-library
  • A partner-specific Moodle page which is populated with course information, video content and useful resources
  • Regular group workshops pertaining to various study skills
Alex Firmin

Alex Firmin


Alex is a qualified occupational psychologist and specialises in leadership development.  He is also a highly experienced educational consultant and executive coach.  Alex is the Associate Director for Programmes at In Professional Development, and routinely teaches on MBA programmes for York, Chester, and Robert Gordon Universities.

For 12 years, Alex was an army officer (Major) and undertook several tours of Afghanistan. He supported the development and delivery of the Army’s Global Security, Leadership and Strategy programme at Sandhurst. Alex's hard work led to him successfully establishing the first Afghan officer training academy, in Kabul.

Alex has over 20 years’ experience of designing and delivering strategic training programmes as well as being a business consultant and manager. Making him an accomplished Leadership Consultant with cross-cultural experience and the ability to succeed in the most challenging environments. He has become well respected for delivering high impact, strategic Leadership and Management training for large scale commercial corporations. He uses proven techniques combined with innovation to provide creative and successful solutions for businesses.

Pierson Stratford

Pierson Stratford


Pierson has 15 years’ experience as a consultant and facilitator, specialising in leadership, management and coaching. Experienced in the design and delivery of people development, Pierson uses coaching psychology to engage with leaders at all levels, supporting them to; be, have and do more. 

Highly experienced in talent development, from managing large graduate programmes to developing directors and senior leaders for global brands at an international level, Pierson adds value by making learning stick, while turning new knowledge into practical skills.

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Is this course right for you?

  • Become an industry leader in teaching and training professional and executive adult learners
  • Understand current theory relating to how people learn
  • Build confidence in your delivery using a range of teaching, coaching, and facilitation techniques
  • Design, develop and deliver best in industry, high impact and engaging training and development programmes


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