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University of Chester Postgraduate Certificates | In-Person & Virtual PG Certs

University of Chester PG Cert Post Graduate Certificates

Our in-person and virtual PG Cert programmes are designed to help leaders manage organisational change effectively, and upskill their teams and the wider organisation with the latest insights and best practices. There are many different types of postgraduate certificates, so it's important to find one that's right for you. PG Certs are ideal for advanced candidates who want to learn more about a certain business topic they are already familiar with or acquire new skills and a deeper understanding of a specific area of interest.

Whether you choose to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration or a PG Cert in Strategy and Leadership, our range of programmes gives participants the tools they need to analyse and implement business strategy in a way that maximises engagement, performance, confidence, and wellbeing across their organisation.


Accredited Postgraduate Certificates


A Postgraduate Certificate is ideally suited to individuals in senior roles and middle management positions who strive to improve their leadership skills and business practices. Postgraduate Certificates are also a professional choice for companies seeking to further develop their management and leadership teams and incentivise them with meaningful professional development opportunities.

Part of our range of online Postgraduate Certificates are accredited by the University of Chester, depending on which qualification you choose to study. A PG Cert sits between a degree and a masters and is one of our most advanced professional training options. A Postgraduate Certificate can be used as a steppingstone to a more advanced qualification, contributing credits towards a full masters degree with the accrediting University.


Face-to-Face and Virtual PG Certs


In Professional Development offers students the option to study for online postgraduate certificates or attend in-person PG Cert courses in London and Manchester. Whichever you select, our delivery is designed to create the optimum learning experience to improve your practice as a business leader.

Whether you choose the face-to-face or virtual PG Cert course route, you are required to undertake work-based assignments that will enable you to demonstrate applying the theoretical knowledge you acquire in real world working environments.

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