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CMI Level 7 - Strategic Wellbeing and Resilience Programme

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CMI Awards 2022 - INPD Shortlisted CMI Awards 2022 - INPD Shortlisted

CMI Level 7 - Strategic Wellbeing and Resilience Programme

A positive, high performing, and engaged workforce is the bedrock of any successful organisation. Our people are our greatest asset, and it is inherent upon leaders to take good care of them. The impact of COVID-19, and associated changes to working patterns, job roles, and in many instances, job security, has produced a once-in-a-generation level of challenge for leaders and managers, who have to balance the needs of the organisation with the psychological wellbeing of their team.

In the past 18 months, resilience and wellbeing in the workplace, and our duty of care to our colleagues, has become a central concern for organisations. In response to this, we have developed this pioneering, post-graduate accredited workplace wellbeing Programme that will blend practitioner level awareness with the strategic capabilities to change and influence organisational policy and culture.

Course Summary


CMI Level 7 – Strategic Wellbeing and Resilience Programme awards the Level 7 Award in Strategic Approaches to Health and Wellbeing


3 Day


Virtual Central London Central Manchester

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About the Programme

This course is for you if you want to:

· Develop practitioner skills in coaching to support colleagues during change, or when encountering workplace stress

· Gain a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of the impact of stress on people at physiological, psychological, and behavioural levels

· Examine different organisational strategies to better understand the causes of stress at work and improve wellbeing

· Apply cultural analysis tools to evaluate one’s own culture in regards to being a supportive and psychologically-safe workplace

· Develop an evidence-based strategic plan to enhance wellbeing at cultural and policy level

On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

· Identify opportunities for personal and professional development

· Explain how stress impacts on our physiology, emotions, thinking and behaviours

· Understand how to manage stress and be able to put together an effective vision and purpose

· Explain the psychological interrelationship between mind set, skill set, behaviours and effects · Understand the approaches to developing and implementing      effective organisational values

· Understand and apply principles of implementing values within an organisational context

· Recognise various symptoms of conflicts and how to approach them

· Explain how resilience can be developed

· Coaching and mentor individuals, teams and organisation

· Propose a strategy to promote mental health and wellbeing in an organisational context

· Critically appraise approaches for implementing and sustaining a culture of mental health and wellbeing


Session 1

Managing the Impact of Stress

Key themes include:

  • Stress
  • Diagnostics
  • Engagement
  • Mindset

Session 2

The Challenge of Leading Change

Key themes include:

  • Models of Change
  • Personality
  • Developing Resilience
  • Conflict
  • Role of Coaching

Session 3

The Wellbeing Strategy

Key themes include:

  • Distributed Leadership
  • Models of Culture
  • Your Plan

The CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing  


This qualification is designed for individuals wishing to develop professional management and leadership practice, and who will have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive business activities in a senior management and leadership role.  


Delegates will be required to complete one assignment (between 3500 – 4000 words) that requires taught theory to be applied to the strategic organisational context, with a focus on strategic approaches to wellbeing and resilience:  

  • Unit 716: Strategic Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing 


As part of your course fee, you are given free and unlimited access to post-classroom tutorials. These are organised monthly and run by CMI qualified tutors to help guide learners through the assignment writing phase. 

James Willerton

James Willerton


With more than 10 years of business consulting and professional service experience, James has developed a well-rounded and practical perspective on strategic development and human capital development at all levels and cross-industries both nationally and internationally.  With a focus on innovation in strategy development, James is a certified 'exceptional trainer’.  He has a diverse background in business management, innovation, strategy development, organisational development, recruitment and operations. 

During his role in recruitment, James applied advanced psychometric techniques and personally assessed over 1,000 candidates for client’s businesses, as well as his own. Combined with coaching, this has given him an advanced experience of dealing with the human psyche and obtaining optimal results for human capital and organisational development. 

James has a very approachable manner, with valuable real-world experience as an employer and a senior consultant to a wide-range of industries and organisations.

Susan Griffiths

Susan Griffiths


Susan worked for a large UK bank for over 22 years, in a variety of roles – customer facing and in back-office support functions. She worked in continuous improvement and Lean, focused on improving the customer journey, stripping out waste from end-to-end processes and making large scale efficiencies that would save time, money and make better working experiences for staff. She trained and coached Management teams within Operational Centres with skills and tools to deliver workplace improvement sessions.

Susan spent the last 10 years working as a Learning and Development Manager, focusing on identifying learning needs across a large, global business area, understanding their problems and what wasn’t working and designing and building workable learning journeys, making them engaging, simple and accessible. A big part of her role was strategic workforce planning. Building capabilities to meet the demands of the business in the future.

She is qualified with a level 5 CIPD Diploma in Management of Learning and Development, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and currently studying her Master Certificate to be a breakthrough Coach. She has also completed her CMI level 7 training in Coaching and Mentoring.

Coaching is a big part of her service offering as she loves to help people grow and champion potential in others, especially those who are stuck in limiting thought patterns. 

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  • Develop practitioner skills in coaching
  • Gain a comprehensive, evidence-based understanding of the impact of stress on people
  • Apply cultural analysis tools to evaluate one’s own culture, to be supportive and psychologically safe in the workplace


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