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American Express

Lisa Mandla attended our Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme.

Case Study Profile

Lisa Mandla
Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme

Lisa Mandla is a Sales Training and Enablement Manager at American Express.

Company Overview

American Express is a multinational payment card corporation. Founded in 1850 as an express mail company, American Express are now a major provider of credit cards, charge cards, travel points and insurance.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Lisa Mandla attended our Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme to learn from theories and the experiences of the tutor and of the other delegates on the topic of coaching, in order to broaden her own knowledge and understanding of the subject, and to benefit her professional development by learning the best practices within coaching and mentoring. 


The Learning Experience

Lisa found the course to be a good learning experience. She found the group size to be the perfect size for her learning preferences, and she found that the tutors were at a very high standard. Out of other professional training programmes she has attended throughout her career, she found the tutor on our Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme to be at a higher standard. Lisa enjoyed the training models used during the programme, and found them to be very useful. The adult/child model used during the programme was particularly beneficial to her, and it reaffirmed the theory that was taught on the programme. She also thoroughly enjoyed hearing about the different experiences of the tutors on the programme, and learning practical tips and lessons from their experiences. 

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Lisa found the training and learning from the examples and models and learning from the experiences of the tutors and the other delegates to be very beneficial to her role and her professional development. 

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