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Virtual Classroom

Why Choose Online Learning?

We strive to create a positive and lasting impact through the delivery of our courses, which is why all our sessions are structured around taught theory, interactivity and shared experiences from the real world. Our online training courses are designed to create the optimum learning experience for the virtual environment. Our training is highly interactive; our tutors make regular use of whiteboard, annotate, polls and other types of interactive software to enhance the learning experience.

We use Zoom for our open courses, and we recommend that our delegates download the application before attending one of our courses. If you’re new to the virtual classroom you can read our guide to the virtual classroom by clicking below.

The Benefits of Online Learning


With the recent outbreak of the coronavirus, businesses are having to embrace remote working more than ever before. Through online learning you have the flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home.

More Environmentally Friendly

With everything you need delivered via your computer, there’s no need to travel. Allowing you to more effectively use of your time, and reducing the need for any non-essential travel during times of health risks.

Knowledge Retention

Online courses can help you to retain and remember information in a more effective way than some face to face delivery. Learning slides will be emailed to delegates at the end of each day, with any supporting materials.


It’s very simple to book and attend on our virtual classroom online courses. You can book via our website or by speaking to one of our education consultants. You can reach us by phone 0161 509 2999 or by email enquiries@inpd.co.uk

Cost Savings

Delivering our courses via video conferencing, we don’t have to pay for venues and printed materials. These savings are passed onto our learners giving you the same quality learning experience at a fraction of the price.


These groups encourage more fluid-training experiences as your tutor has the ability to respond to questions or needs instantly. Through virtual learning you will meet a range of like-minded individuals from all sectors and industries.


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