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Strategy Courses

Strategy Courses

In the highly competitive marketplace of today, it is crucial that companies implement effective strategies to be truly effective in business. If you are leading a team, department, or workforce, you will appreciate the complexity and challenges of devising and implementing an effective strategy.

Creating effective strategies is essential for organisations operating in competitive environments. Our training programmes and courses for strategy training are designed for leaders who want to develop and optimise the effectiveness of their team and organisation.


Training for Strategy


InPD's strategy courses give you hands-on experience in devising and implementing successful strategies. Learn how to develop a clear vision, inspire and translate this into strategies to improve performance. Identify strategies to manage and improve team dynamics, and create actionable development plans for individuals and your department as a whole.

We offer a range of virtual and face-to-face strategy courses to suit your experience and aspirations – from our extended CMI Level 7 – Strategic Wellbeing and Resilience programme to our intensive Strategic Marketing for Non Marketing Directors programme.


Online Strategy Courses


Our virtual strategy courses provide an excellent way for professionals to learn new strategy skills and stay up-to-date with the latest developments that affect and influence their field. They are a perfect environment for managers to develop the skills needed to implement effective business strategies, in-person and virtually. Our online strategic training programmes allow delegates to learn at their own pace, and provide the opportunity to interact with other professionals from around the world.


In-Person Strategy Courses


Face-to-face Strategy courses have many benefits for individual employees and their organisations. Interact and collaborate with fellow students and experienced instructors with an applied learning experience. Ask questions and get feedback in real-time and build your network of mentors and professionals with our in-person high performing team courses.


CMI-Accredited Strategy Courses


The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is a world-leading management organisation that offers courses in a variety of subjects, including the leadership and management of high performing teams. Our unique CMI Level 7 – Strategic Approaches to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programme equips you with the knowledge, techniques, and baseline data to make an immediate impact on the culture of your organisation. Gain a CMI-accredited qualification and hands-on experience in creating and implementing strategy within your organisation.

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