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ARC Building Solutions

Neil Weeks attended the Directors Development Programme Accelerator.

Case Study Profile

Neil Weeks is the Managing Director at ARC Building Solutions.

Company Overview

ARC Building Solutions is a specialist manufacturer of construction materials and components based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

As a business in the construction materials supply sector, ARC Building Solutions face a market that is under constant regulatory shift and change, and particularly in the fire sector that they supply into. Neil’s challenge and motivation for attending the programme was to be able to stay ahead of customer needs and to be able to provide a consistent service offering that leads the way. From a personal perspective Neil was keen to review his knowledge and techniques to further develop his skills as a business leader.

The Learning Experience

On the programme Neil learned more in-depth information on the finance sector, and this was the most beneficial day for him, as finance was not his background and he is self-taught in this area. The best piece of advice he received was to check it and check it again.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

As a result of participating in the training course Neil has taken the opportunity to review all of ARC Building Solution’s governance protocols and he has found one or two gaps that require further review.

He has also tried to be more open with his leadership style across the whole business and to create a more open attitude to challenges. His strategic goals for the business are also more streamlined, as prior to enrolling on the course Neil admits that these were too cluttered.

The finance training on the course has led Neil to now check and investigate more, mainly on the statutory accounts that have his signature on.

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