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Arts Council of Wales

 Sian James attended the Advanced Management and Leadership Programme


Case Study Profile

Sian James is a Programme Manager at the Arts Council of Wales

Company Overview

The Arts Council of Wales is a Welsh Government sponsored organisation. It’s purpose as an organisation is to oversee funding and developing the arts in Wales.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Sian James attended our Advanced Management and Leadership Programme to learn vital tips and lessons that will benefit herself and her team. She specifically wanted to learn more about self-reflection and leadership.

The Learning Experience

Sian found the trainers to be extremely helpful. She found that their style of training was very open and accessible. The trainers also made sure that everyone on the course was involved and engaged at all times. Sian noted that there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and the trainers made them all feel comfortable. The trainers also both had a wealth of personal experiences that they could use to consolidate the learning. They also had very helpful additional reading lists to reaffirm the learning.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Overall Sian has found that the course was hugely beneficial to herself and to her role. Her attendance on the course coincided a critical time for herself and her team, and it helped her with changes that are occurring within her team and her organisation. She also found the sessions on strategy and managing change to be very useful to her role.

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