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Barnett Waddingham

Jade Srigate attened the Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme.

Case Study Profile

Jade is a Digital Marketing Executive for Barnett Waddingham, a UK based professional services consultancy.

Company Overview

Barnett Waddingham are proud to be a leading independent UK professional services consultancy at the forefront of risk, pensions, investment and insurance.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

The objectives that Barnett Waddingham are looking to process this year are brand awareness and focusing on social media strategy. As a digital marketer, Jade needs to keep up with the trends and gain relevant information around the fast-paced digital marketing industry. The company wishes to broaden their audience’s perception that they are not only good at pension services but also other services as well. However, it is hard to compete with several competitors such as PwC, Willis Tower Watson and Aon. The objectives that are currently a challenge for Jade and the team is how to interpret the returns on digital marketing efforts as they are not currently handling every lead themselves and they do not have a sales team.

The Learning Experience

Jade learned and refreshed her digital knowledge to keep up to date with fast-paced changes and trends within the industry. Jade found the most impressive activity to be when Matt asked everyone to articulate how they perceive the company that they are working in as an animal or a vehicle and explain why. This helped Jade to understand where they are in the market. She found both tutors to be really good

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Some tools and tricks that were suggested on the course are now in a wider discussion within Jade’s business. They are in an exploration phase.

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