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Blue Phoenix UK Ltd

Nigel Mitchell attended our Directors Development Programme in April 2022. We caught up with him 1 month after attending our programme to see how the course has benefitted him within his role. 

Case Study Profile

Nigel Mitchell
Directors Development Programme

Nigel Mitchell is the Operations Director at Blue Phoenix UK Ltd.

Company Overview

Blue Phoenix UK Ltd are an aggregate processing business based in Widnes. They specialise in recycling ash and extracting ferrous and nonferrous metals, and they produce a clean mineral to reuse such as aggregates. An environmentally oriented business, Blue Phoenix UK Ltd are the world’s largest ash processor, with a high commitment to health, safety and the environment.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

As a new director, Nigel wanted to learn what to do in his role. He enrolled on the programme to find answers to questions he had regarding the role of the director ad the board. He also wanted to learn more about finance, and to learn practical and ‘user friendly’ knowledge and how it applies to his role.

The Learning Experience

The programme taught Nigel enough knowledge on the subject of the role of the director and the board to be able to question and to challenge other board members. The programme taught him that this is more than acceptable behaviour for a board member, as board members should be able to constructively challenge each other in order to bring more diversity in it’s thinking.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

The programme has allowed Nigel to understand the difference between managing and leading. This has allowed his team to grow and to develop. He has learned to leave the managers to manage and the leaders to lead. 1 month after attending the training programme, the change has been significant. Nigel recognises that he used to micro manage, but he has since stepped back and allowed his team to have more freedom to think and to problem solve creatively.

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