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Cadent Gas

Lisa Owen attended our Excellence in Customer Service Programme.

Case Study Profile

Lisa Owen
Excellence in Customer Service Programme

Lisa Owen works for Cadent Gas, the UK's biggest gas distribution network. 

Company Overview

Being the UK's largest gas distribution network, Cadent Gas distributes gas to 11 million homes across the UK. Managing more than 800000 miles of pipe, Cadent Gas also managing the UK national emergency gas hotline. They answer, handle and offer gas safety advice to resolve gas emergencies throughout the UK on behalf of the UK gas industry. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Lisa needed guidance in difficult conversations. She needed to learn more about how to handle difficult conversations. She needed help in learning how to deliver difficult messages to customers. 

The Learning Experience

While attending the programme, Lisa found it to be beneficial to hear the feedback from other delegates and to learn from what they had to say. Their different experiences helped her to approach her concern of handling difficult conversations. This is something she does everyday in her role.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Lisa has taken away some useful tips from the programme. She has learned some useful lessons in delivering and handling difficult conversations with customers that she feels will benefit her within her everyday role. 

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