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Michelle Fincham attended our Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme.

Case Study Profile

Michelle Fincham
Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme

Michelle Fincham is a Senior Marketing Executive for Calor. 

Company Overview

Calor is one of the UK's largest supplier of liquid petroleum gas. Calor has been supplying gas since 1935, and it is a recognisable brand across the UK and Ireland. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Michelle attended our Digital Marketing and Social Media Programme to resolve some uncertainties she had regarding digital marketing. She also attended to learn up to date knowledge, tips and best practice in digital marketing. In particular Michelle wanted to learn ways to formulate a marketing strategy, how to plan a campaign and she also wanted to learn the unique benefits of using different digital channels. 

The Learning Experience

Michelle found the tutor to be very helpful and informative. She found that the tutor helped to clarify her uncertainties and to enhance her knowledge within digital marketing. The tutor taught her how to formulate marketing strategies, plan campaigns and provided an in depth overview of the benefits of using different digital marketing channels. The course allowed Michelle to achieve all of her learning objectives and challenges within digital marketing. 

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Michelle has taken a lot away from the programme that will help her within her career and to achieve her professional development goals. 

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