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Chiesi Ltd

Dave Barnes attended our Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors programme

Case Study Profile

Dave is part of the Senior Management team at Chiesi Ltd – a large international pharmaceutical company

Company Overview

Chiesi Ltd is a large international pharmaceutical company with presence worldwide. It is a UK affiliate responsible for the promotion and sales of several high profile pharmaceutical products across the UK and Ireland.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

As part of the Senior Management team Dave is responsible for the strategy and the vision of the UK business.

He is currently responsible for the Digital Transformation strategy and he was looking for some strategy planning tools that will help him achieve his objectives.

The Learning Experience

Dave learned several useful strategy tools on the programme. He also found the ability to mix with the other delegates from other industries to be very useful. It helped him to see issues from different perspectives. He found the course to be very well run and he found Tom to have a wealth of experience and knowledge. He delivered the sessions in a clear, calm and methodical manner that helped the delegates to engage and be interactive.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Dave will definitely use the tools to help them in the strategy planning and he now has a very comprehensive training pack that he can refer back to as he requires. He is sure that his training will make a positive impact on strategy planning.

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