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Crown Prosecution Service

Anna Dennis attended our Coaching Masterclass for Leaders Programme.

Case Study Profile

Anna Dennis

Crown Prosecution Service

Anna has worked for the Crown Prosecution Service for 6 years in various different job roles, from operational delivery as a paralegal, to managing a team of caseworkers before moving into project management in change delivery. She now leads on national scale change delivery projects.

Company Overview

The Crown Prosecution Service is the nation's principal prosecution service, dealing with all types of criminal prosecutions.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

As a project manager leading on national projects Anna is faced with the challenge of managing people all over the country, across agencies and also influencing senior managers.

Her objectives for the course was to learn techniques that she could apply within her role in order to lead, coach and influence various people around her to aid her projects and to successfully implement change.

Her motivation for attending the course was to develop her confidence in leadership and to also be able to develop others around her. 

The Learning Experience

Anna learned a lot about herself and how she approaches situations naturally. She learned some new coaching and mentoring techniques, the difference between coaching and mentoring, and the importance of both tools. 

Anna thoroughly enjoyed the course. She thought that it was a great introduction to coaching. She found the techniques really useful and easy to follow. She really enjoyed the virtual delivery and the breakout rooms with the other participants. It made the course a lot more engaging and enabled participants to put techniques into practice. 

She found Alex to be a great tutor and he was clear and concise with his points. Anna found the course to be a good mix of presentation and group learning. She found it to be very engaging and insightful.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Anna plans to use the techniques and learning from the course in her professional and personal life, to self-coach herself through situations. She also hopes to use techniques with her colleagues to coach them through problems or situations at work. 

She has already started using the personality profile exercise as a team building exercise, in order to encourage her team to look deeper into how they work together, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. 

Anna is hoping that they will encourage a stronger working relationship within her team and projects, and she is hoping it will improve her confidence and proactivity.


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