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ES Marketing

Elinor Smith Attended our Level 7 - Advanced Digital Marketing Programme

Case Study Profile

Elinor Smith is a Director at ES Marketing and attended our Level 7 – Advanced Digital Marketing Programme

Company Overview

ES Marketing is a UK based integrated marketing support service. They provide businesses with marketing services as an in-house marketing resource or an ad hoc service. Their key marketing services include content creation, marketing materials, market research and activity, track record maintenance, marketing campaign co-ordination and event co-ordination.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

As a director of ES Marketing, Elinor enrolled on In Professional Development’s Level 7 – Advanced Digital Marketing Programme in order to learn skills that will be beneficial to her role.

The Learning Experience

Elinor found the training course to be very interesting and packed full of information. She found the overall learning experience to be excellent, as it provided her with up-to-date insights and techniques for reporting and relevant uses for data.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Elinor found the discussions around strategic marketing models and how they relate to digital marketing to be very beneficial to her role. Some of the models were ones that Elinor had seen before, but it was very beneficial for her to think about them and to discuss them in context. Elinor also found the lessons and diagram on the hierarchy of strategy to be very beneficial, particularly when she has discussions with her management team within her role. Overall Elinor has found the training course to be very beneficial to her role.

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