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Marcia Skinner attended our Directors Development Programme Accelerator.

Case Study Profile

Marcia Skinner
Directors Development Programme Accelerator

Marcia Skinner is a District Sales Manager at the multinational corporation FedEx.

Company Overview

FedEx provides international shipping and parcel delivery options for individuals and businesses around the world. Formerly known as Federal Express Corporation, this international holding company specialises in transportation, logistics, e-commerce and business services.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Marcia attended our Directors Development Programme Accelerator to fill in the gaps in her knowledge. Coming from a sales environment, the programme allowed Marcia to learn more about marketing, finance, leadership and management. 

The Learning Experience

Marcia found it useful to be able to share the stories of who they have worked for previously. They also found the examples in the programme to be easy to understand. 

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Marcia's attendance of the Directors Development Programme Accelerator allowed her to fill in the gaps in her knowledge within finance, marketing, leadership and management. It also consolidated her existing knowledge. She found the course to be very insightful and she would recommend it to others to improve their knowledge. 

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