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Fishawack Health

Lucy Bee attended the Executive Education and Professional Training Programme

Case Study Profile

Lucy Bee is a Medical Writer Training Director at Fishawack Health.

Company Overview

Fishawack Health is a world leading commercial partner for the pharmaceutical and wellness industries. Established in 2001, Fishawack Health have grown to employ over 1,300 healthcare experts, and they provide services such as consulting, medical marketing, and policy implementation.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Lucy attended In Professional Development’s training course to learn important skills to benefit her within her Medical Writer Training Director role for Fishawack Health.

The Learning Experience

Lucy found that the trainers exuded warmth and were very engaging. She liked the flexibility to divert from the planned content to go with whatever anyone within the group was talking about and to explore that. She liked how the trainers became 'one of them’ and gave their personal insights and thoughts, helping to break down any barriers and create psychological safety in the group.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Lucy loved the group engagement and sharing thoughts, and found this to be very beneficial to her role. Learning to understand that she can help others as well as them helping me was very useful to her. She has also found that the microteaches are extremely valuable too.

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