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Greenway Environmental

Kelly Weaver attended the DDP Module – Finance for Non-Finance Directors.

Case Study Profile

Kelly Weaver is a Sales Director at Greenway Environmental.

Company Overview

Greenway Environmental is a UK based organization that provides waste management and environmental services. They are a technologically leading business that is driven by its concern for the environment and the wider community.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Kelly attended In Professional Development’s DDP Module – Finance for Non-Finance Directors Programme to learn how to change her perspective on profit and loss, and to gain the knowledge and the confidence to be able to challenge the finance team on cash flow and balance sheets.

The Learning Experience

Kelly found In Professional Development’s course to be a good learning experience. In particular the course tutor was very clear and relaxed which in turn enabled her to ask all the questions that she needed to.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

The knowledge that she gained from the training course has left her feeling empowered. There were also several interesting areas explored on the course that Kelly would personally like to expand on, to understand the potential risks that her business could face and to help her prepare for them better. She will be recommending In Professional Development for training to the rest of her organisation.

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