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Barry Cotgrave attended the Advanced Sales Leadership Course – CMI Level 7

Case Study Profile

Barry Cotgrave is an Enterprise Client Sales Manager at Insights.

Company Overview

Insights is a learning and development training provider that specialises in leadership and management training. Founded in Scotland, they have branched out to have offices around the world.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Barry attended In Professional Development’s Advanced Sales Leadership Course – CMI Level 7 to learn some valuable sales skills that will greatly benefit him within his sales management role.

The Learning Experience

Barry found the learning experience to be very beneficial to his role. He found the work on Strategy and Sales Strategy to be particularly useful. He also found the work on Change and Difficult Conversations to be useful. Barry found that both of the trainers were very knowledgeable and they were able to use relevant and relatable examples. They also asked good questions back to the rest of the group.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Barry will be able to implement the lessons he has learned on Strategy, particularly Sales Strategy, within his role. He will also be able to implement the work they did on Change and Difficult conversations. Overall, the course has taught him some useful lessons that he can take forward within his role.

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