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Julius Baer

Stephanie Delaporte attended our Advanced Management and Leadership Programme.

Case Study Profile

Stephanie Delaporte
Advanced Management and Leadership Programme

Stephanie Delaporte is a Head of Change at Julius Baer.


Company Overview

Julius Baer is a Swiss multinational private banking group based in Zurich, Switzerland. They offer a wide range of private banking services to their clients, and they also offer short term to long term investments. 

The Learning Experience

Stephanie found the trainers on our Advanced Management and leadership Programme to be excellent. She found them to be very engaging, and they were able to make the group of delegates feel at ease. She enjoyed the amount of breakout rooms. She also found that the triainers were very knowledgable in their areas, and they utilised a wide range of examples. Stephanie found meeting and interacting with the group of delegates very beneficial, and she enjoyed the ability to discuss topics with others who each had different backgrounds, experiences, personalities, and they all worked across different industries. 

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Stephanie found the Vision/Mission/Purpose section on the programme and also the focus on transactional analysis to be very beneficial to her role. She also found being able to practice coahing to be very beneficial to her role. Overall, Stephanie was very happy with the programme, and found it to be very beneficial.

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