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KAL ATM Software

Kader Baadoud attended our Executive Mini-MBA Course.

Case Study Profile

Kader Baadoud

Executive Mini-MBA 

Kader is the Global head of Engineering at KAL ATM Software

Company Overview

KAL is a ATM software company. That Provides a full multivendor solution for managing ATMs using the latest technology standard, world-class security, high level of customization and top of the line monitoring system.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Kader stated to us before starting the course that he would like to address some learning objectives while completing this course.

These learning objectives are; For him to develop knowledge about executive leadership and management. Learn and get new tools to better “think like a CEO”.

The Learning Experience

Kader states that the learning experience that he received was great. He said that the tutors were great and that the group of participants he was with were outstanding and everyone was very engaging within the group. 

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Kader stated that the training he had received benefitted him by him having a lot more ideas to brainstorm and lots of new and different process' to implement to make the company run more efficiently. 

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