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Keylite Roof Windows

Jamie McGuiness attended our CMI Level 5 Sales Leadership and Management Programme in February 2021.

Case Study Profile

Jamie McGuinness

Keylite Roof Windows

Jamie is an Area Sales Manager for Keylite Roof Windows, operating within the UK merchant supply industry.

Company Overview

Keylite Roof Windows is currently the second largest roof window supplier in the UK, and has experienced considerable growth over the last 20 years since the company’s creation. Due to the constant growth within the roof window market, new competitors are always arising, creating a highly competitive industry.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

The main difficulty faced by Jamie and his organisation is that management is ever-evolving, and continuously keeping track and implementing the changing principles within an organisation can be challenging.

Jamie’s motivation for attending the course was to enhance his knowledge of management and help him to become a better manager, by learning new skills and principles from the tutor and fellow attendees.

The Learning Experience

Every session on this course was extremely beneficial. Every model provided insights that can be immediately implemented at Keylite Roof Windows, as a part of our daily management routine.

I significantly benefitted from the sections on recruitment and on-boarding, as the interview process is an area I would like to be involved in moving forward. This is a very important part of regional management. I also enjoyed the workload models, and I have significantly improved my ability to delegate appropriately since the course.

I thoroughly enjoyed the three days from a learning perspective, but also from a social perspective. All the delegates and tutors were great, making the course fun as well as helping me to feel welcome after initial concern that I would find it daunting.

The tutor, Martin, was brilliant. I cannot say a negative word about him his teaching style and his knowledge, he genuinely was fantastic. It was clear he was very experienced, well-read, and had been in the industry for a long time. His timekeeping was also fantastic with each session, and I am still wondering how he completed a three-day course with 16 attendees without once running over.

The event coordinator, Geneva, was also excellent and extremely supportive throughout the three days.


How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

The most significant takeaway from the course is learning how to adapt my management style to different employees, as every employee requires a different approach. I hope to move into a regional role soon, where I would manage my own team, and I feel this course has provided the relevant tools to do so.

I believe the knowledge gained on this course will significantly enhance my performance in my current role, and I have already started to implement some of the models into my day-to-day routine. Alongside this, I am spending time reflecting and reviewing the outcomes of these implementations accordingly, to identify changes that need to be made.

Additionally, the reflection process is proving valuable in my current role and can also be implemented into a regional role in the next step in my career development.

I would recommend this course to anyone that is interested in developing their management knowledge and experience, as well as anyone that has a desire to progress in their career.

The course itself was handled very professionally, both from the tutor and in terms of the course administration. The communication has been second to none, providing information and assistance exactly when needed.

Since completing the course, I have further researched the Chartered Management Institute and discovered there is so much more to learn. This is just a first step in my learning journey rather than the end result, as I am keen to continually develop my skills and career.

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