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Jacqueline Taylor attended our CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme.

Case Study Profile

Jacqueline Taylor attended is a Chief Executive for Lifelink. She attended our CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme.

Company Overview

Lifelink is a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing mental health advice and guidance. They are a registered charity based in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Jacqueline attended In Professional Development’s CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme to learn essential knowledge in order to benefit her organisation.

The Learning Experience

Jacqueline found that the trainer was incredibly knowledgeable in the field of coaching, mentoring and leadership, due to their extensive background and experience. Jacqueline also found the trainer’s delivery style to be very engaging. Jacqueline found the pace to be perfect for her learning style, and she thought the virtual course was very engaging and delivered by the trainer with ease. In summary, Jacqueline found the training course to be great, the tutor to be excellent and she enjoyed the cohort of fellow learners.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Jacqueline thought that everything taught on the training course was very beneficial and relevant to her role and her organisation. She took away a lot of actionable knowledge and coaching and mentoring skills that she can implement in her organisation. Jacqueline found the feedback from the other course participants and the breakout rooms to be very helpful and insightful. Jacqueline commented that this will shape and inform her practice. She found that working with a diverse group of participants made the course a rich learning experience.

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