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Helen Stott attended our DDP Module - Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors course.

Case Study Profile

Helen Stott

DDP Module - Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors

Helen Scott is the Director for marketingdoris

Company Overview

Marketing Doris is a marketing consultancy providing part-time marketing director and coaching services. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Before Helen had started the DDP Module - Advanced Strategic Planning for Directors course she stated some learning objectives that she would like to challenge while completing this course. 

These learning objectives are that she is always keen to keep up to date with her learning and development, she feels that her business benefits greatly as she returns from courses with new ideas to support the way in which they operate now and in the future. The ripple effect goes further, and she believes that their clients benefit as a result either directly or indirectly. 

The Learning Experience

Helen stated that she has always liked the way in which the courses are run, there is a clear agenda overall for the programme and this is broken down by day, and then even further by morning and afternoon sessions, this includes the break times, which she feels helps enormously, not only by knowing that we have some reflection time, but also there is the opportunity to make any work calls or answer emails that can’t wait. She said that the group of participants were provided with all the materials in a timely manner, there is a co-ordinator on hand to answer any administration questions. 

The tutor on this course was experienced and very knowledgeable about the subject, she felt she went beyond the programme and was able to provide specific examples and suggest additional learning (videos, books etc). 

Helen said that there were about 10 people on the course and that there was plenty of interaction through discussions and exercises that gave them the opportunity to hear from different viewpoints. 

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

After Helen had completed the course she stated that she came away from the 2 days with pages of notes and a list of immediate actions of tasks.

Helen then later went on to say that she wanted to investigate further or implement the notes that she had made during this course. 

Additionally there were a number of points she wanted to share with associates and clients.

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