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MBDA Missile Systems

Mark White attended the Executive Mini MBA Accelerator 

Case Study Profile

Mark White is a Project Manager at MBDA Missile Systems

Company Overview

MBDA Missile Systems are a European manufacturing organisation, with UK sites in Bolton and London. Their role is to develop and manufacture missiles and technology for many of the world’s leading militaries. Headquartered in France, they have sites located throughout the world. As a trusted member of the defense community, MBDA’s aim is to provide the highest quality of military equipment to ensure the protection of national security interests of the UK and its allies and to enable them to have strategic independence.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Mark White attended In Professional Development’s Executive Mini MBA Accelerator Programme to learn vital business management skills that will directly benefit him within his role and enhance his capabilities at MBDA.

The Learning Experience

Mark found that the training he engaged with during the Executive Mini MBA Accelerator Programme was highly engaging. He found that the content of the sessions was highly relevant to himself and to his role, and he was also very satisfied with the course materials that were utilised on the programme. Mark also found the In Professional Development event coordinator to be highly approachable and very helpful throughout the course.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Mark found the training to be very relevant to his role, and the business management skills he learned during the course will be of great benefit within his role and to his organisation.

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