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Middlesex University

Julie Crabb attended our CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme.

Case Study Profile

Julie Crabb is a Head of Student Support and Wellbeing for Middlesex University and attended our CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme.

Company Overview

Middlesex University is a research university based in London.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Julie attended In Professional Development’s CMI Level 7 – Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme to learn valuable skills and knowledge in order to benefit her within her role and to further her career progression.

The Learning Experience

Julie found that the trainer presented all the learning materials in a very knowledgeable way. She found that the trainer balanced her experience and expertise well, and got the most out of the group, enabling them to share their own knowledge and expertise as well. Julie found the pace and the variety of knowledge shared during the learning experience to be excellent. Julie found the 4-day virtual training programme to be very engaging. Julie found the energetic approach to the subject and to learning, the wide range of materials, resources, theories, experiences, and the networking with fellow course participants to be a very valuable learning experience.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Julie learnt a great deal of knowledge and actionable theories and strategies on the training course. She would recommend the learning experience to others to further their career development.

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