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Ministry of Defense

Ann Fletton attended the CMI Level 7 - Strategic Wellbeing and Resilience Programme.

Case Study Profile

Ann Fletton is a Head of HR at Ministry of Defence.

Company Overview

The Ministry of Defense is a UK government department. It implements the defense policy set by the government, and it serves as the headquarters for the British Armed Forces.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Ann attended In Professional Development’s CMI Level 7 - Strategic Wellbeing and Resilience Programme to learn vital skills to meet her professional needs.

The Learning Experience

While attending the training course Ann found that the trainer had fantastic knowledge and that they shared this in a very accessible way. Ann also found the models used on the training course to be helpful, and the ability to discuss them with the tutor and the other course participants enabled her to see the benefits and to understand how to blend the models together to meet her professional needs and requirements.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Ann really enjoyed the training course, and the breakout discussions with the other participants. She found the models discussed on the course to be very useful, and she can put them into practice within her role.

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