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Network Rail

Nicholas Radford attended our Executive Mini MBA Accelerator.

Case Study Profile

Nicholas Radford
Executive Mini MBA Accelerator

Nicholas Radford is the Head of Operational Security, Crime and Resilience for Network Rail, the UK's largest rail and trains operator in the UK.

Company Overview

Network Rail is the owner and operator of the UK's largest rail network. They manage and maintain the majority of UK's railways. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Nicholas enrolled on our Executive Mini MBA Accelerator in order to develop his knowledge. Marketing and Finance were areas that Nicholas had no formal knowledge of. The programme allowed Nicholas Radford to enhance his knowledge of these areas. 

The Learning Experience

On the programme, Nicholas found all three presenters to be very professional. They showed a clear understanding of the content of the programme. He found the course to be a useful overview of business topics. Nicholas found the group size to be perfect, and they found the programme to be very engaging. 

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