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OPRA Turbines

Luke Merson attended the CMI Level 5 Sales Leadership and Management Programme

Case Study Profile

Luke is the Sales Manager for Europe and Africa for OPRA Turbines, a manufacturer of gas turbine systems, a cost-effective solution generator of electricity and heat. They are working to become a component of the green energy landscape of the future.

Company Overview

OPRA develops, manufactures and services state of-the-art gas turbine systems, and is headquartered in Hengelo, The Netherlands. Their advanced turbine technology has turned the OP16 Gas Turbine into a masterpiece of technology allowing them to serve  global markets with clean, distributed energy solutions.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

He attended the programme with the aim to understand leadership styles across different cultures and levels within the business. He also needed help adapting to remote working with a focus on team management.

Luke’s objective was to complete their own personal development plan with formal professional training. They also wanted to grow the knowledge and the experience of the team.

The Learning Experience

Luke would highly recommend the course for leaders and managers who want to understand methods and strategies when they are managing people. He learned how to adapt to changing working environments and other experiences of organisations joining the course. Luke found our tutor Martin to be brilliant, and that he applied his knowledge of the subject well. Luke enjoyed his willingness to provide real life examples and solutions.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Luke decided to apply meeting strategies so that he can engage everyone in meetings. He also took away a motivational approach to leadership with more focus on the solution rather than the issue that is being faced.

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