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Scottish Government

David Scarff attended our Bespoke Leadership Programme.

Case Study Profile

David Scarff
Bespoke Leadership Programme

David Scarff is the Commanding Officer for the MRV Scotia for Marine Scotland, a governmental agency within the Scottish Government.

Company Overview

Marine Scotland is a governmental agency and it manages and maintains Scotland's seas and freshwater fisheries. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

David needed to attend a general leadership programme in order for him to reflect on ways of leading and finding ways to work better. 

They needed to engage in training in order to encourage staff to grow along with the needs of the organisation. 

On the programme David needed to learn what kind of leader he is and what kind of leader he aspires to be. 

In order to do this they reviewed case studies, watched videos, and took part in individual and group exercises.

There are many different work environments within Marine Scotland and the Scottish Government, made up from many different working and educational backgrounds. The leadership team is made up of people from maritime backgrounds, fishery protection, civil service and HR. The aim of the programme was to provide bespoke training that was relatable for all the staff from different backgrounds, and people with different responsibilities and work environments. 

The Learning Experience

David has learned that he has a desire to do his job well and in a timely fashion. On the course, the 'rescuer' analogy made him reflect on the fact that he can sometimes do jobs that others are meant to. This can then become expected. This results in staff not learning and he gets an increased workload.

David has experience in open, closed and leading questions from his work. He enjoyed the programme because he found the open questions explanation reminded him that just by rephrasing questions they may find new ideas and ways of working. to benefit staff.

The tutor showed great enthusiasm for the subject and provided some thought provoking analogies and information. 

David enjoyed the course and felt that it will improve their work environment.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

The courses met David's expectations. It reminded him to use more open questions, and not to complete duties that others should do as part of their responsibilities. 

The learning gave David time to pause for reflection. 

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