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Jonathan Seward attended our CMI Level 5: Leadership and Management Programme.

Case Study Profile

Jonathan Seward
CMI Level 5: Leadership and Management Programme

Jonathan Seward is a Business Development and Technical Sales Manager for Siemens

Company Overview

Siemens is a German multinational corporation. It is the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe, with branches in energy, healthcare, engineering and manufacturing. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Jonathan Seward found the areas around personal development interesting, and this was something he wanted to learn more about in his career. During the programme, Jonathan wanted to learn more about self reflection and personal development. He wanted to learn more about these skills in order to take them forward in his career. 

The Learning Experience

Jonathan found the tutor to be very knowledgable in their field. This was supplemented by the wealth of the tutor's experience within the field. Jonathan found the course materials such as the slides to be useful. He found that they were not overly detailed in order to allow the tutor to present theories in a very engaging manner. Jonathan found the course to be very well presented and organised.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

After attending the programme, Jonathan found the areas covered relating to personal development and self reflection to be very useful to his role. He has learned a lot from these and has taken forward these lessons into his career.

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