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Spirent Communications

Victoria Phillips attended CMI Level 7 Coaching & Mentoring Programme.

Case Study Profile

As EMEA HR Manager, Victoria Phillips supports the transactional and transformational HR agenda for their full employment lifecycle.

Company Overview

Spirent Communications offers a positioning, navigation and timing portfolio that includes a range of solutions to help technology developers and service providers to use GPS and other global navigation signals more accurately.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

The training that In Professional Development provided Victoria and her team was aimed to develop the skills of existing mentors within the company, and to allow them to gain a better understanding of coaching, to enable Victoria and her team to create an internal coaching and mentoring culture that can be defined and formalised.

Spirent Communications wanted to formalise a coaching and mentoring programme in support of succession planning and nurturing early career employees. The objective evolved throughout the course, and resulted in Victoria and her team to be able to consider anyone as an eligible candidate for coaching.

Victoria and her team had no specific challenges that needed addressing in the training. Her team have a healthy appetite for learning new skills and they are open to new ways of working. They embarked on In Professional Development’s training programme as a proactive measure, rather than reacting to a certain problem or concern.

The Learning Experience

Victoria found the tutor to be very flexible and accommodating to their needs. He repeatedly asked what they wanted to achieve from taking the programme, so that he could tailor the content accordingly. They found him to be personable and that he offered them reassurance. No one on the programme felt unable to contribute to the discussion. They found his knowledge of coaching to be apparent, however he shared his knowledge in a way that made coaching accessible to the group.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Victoria learned a lot on the programme. Some key points she learned were the difference between coaching and mentoring, the different approaches to coaching and the personal skills required to facilitate effective coaching.

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