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Marta Sola attended our Finance for Non-Finance Directors course.

Case Study Profile

Marta Sola

Finance for Non-Finance Directors Programme

Marta is a Director - Legal & Compliance/Business Consultant

Company Overview

Marta is the Director for The UMA Group. The UMA Group is a private client, family wealth consultancy group, which also offers bespoke corporate and fund structuring.

A boutique services group specialised in offering professional wealth consulting and wealth planning, including trust, fiduciary, operational, and governance structuring services to private clients and the investment community.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

For her learning objectives Marta stated that as a director of the London office, she now needs to be involved in finance matters, including, reviewing profitability and performance of the office, review of financial statements and understanding budget and expenses.

As business consultant, she also reviews financial statements of the companies that they manage/provide services to, therefore it is important that she can understand the basics of finance to ensure that she will ask the right questions and identify any issues, if any. Her knowledge in finance is very basic as she is a lawyer by background.


The Learning Experience

Marta took part in our Finance for Non-Finance Directors programme and she stated that this course was very useful to understand the basics of finance and to read and understand the different positions in the financials of a company.

She then said that she found challenging to follow certain group activities during the training, given that compared to other colleagues, and that she had very little or no experience on the matters being discussed but Marta said that her doing those activities in the course would help her in the future. 

How Has Your Training Benefitted You So Far?

Marta said that the training that she received from us has now helped her gain skills that she did not have before completing this programme.

She can now read financials and understand better what to look for and where to identify any issues. She is also in a better position to understand finance from a business strategy point of view – such as growth, profitability and other key performance factors relevant to consider whether the business is going in the right direction.

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