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University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Louise Miller attended our PGCert in Executive Education and Training programme.

Case Study Profile

Louise reports directly to the Associate Director of Education at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) in which she designs and hosts a number of leadership and management training sessions.

Company Overview

UCLH (University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), situated in the heart of London, is one of the largest NHS trusts in the United Kingdom and provides first-class acute and specialist services.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

UCLH  has recently adapted its offer of leadership and management development to address the needs of the Trust. It wants to further improve coaching and mentoring within the Trust and increase the level of coaching available to under-represented groups of staff.

Louise was keen to develop new and fresher thinking in leadership and management to increase her contribution at strategy meetings.

The Learning Experience

Both tutors provided excellent facilitation to learning and their different styles enhanced the overall experience. Taking part in, and observing, some of the training was interesting aspect. Being on a Zoom meeting and experiencing breakout rooms as a delegate was a surprise learning aspect for me – our shift to digital learning was so swift, I forgot about certain aspects that a learner may experience, for example the psychological safety in a breakout room for first time.

I would be happy to recommend this course to a learning and development professional that is keen to move into a role that requires skills in facilitation rather than training and to further add to their portfolio in the areas of design, evaluation, return on investment and the impact of learning interventions.

The course content was varied and interesting and the quality of facilitation was excellent. It was modern, interactive, collaborative and engaging. Both tutors are testament to applying modern learning theory and to providing practical skills and solutions.

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

I will reflect on the sessions and will be implementing appropriate new models that resonated with me on this course.

I was keen for fresher thinking and that is what I got. The new models I have embraced and intend to apply to the design of existing and new learning interventions landed for me and I am certain this makes for a much better product for our colleagues.

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