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Bethany Thomasson attended our Sales Leadership and Management Programme.

Case Study Profile

Bethany Thomasson
Sales Leadership and Management Programme

Bethany Thomasson is an Inside Sales Manager for Virgin Pulse. 

Company Overview

Virgin Pulse is a subsidy of Virgin. It offers companies a wide variety of personal fitness tracking systems and software. They focus on promoting health and wellbeing within the workplace. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Bethany attended our Sales Leadership and Management Programme to learn more about managing team performance. They are new to a management role and they enrolled on the course to learn how to gain the awareness on team performance and to learn how to identify where they need to give additional support to their team members. Prior to attending the programme, Bethany found addressing feedback to be a challenge. They attended the course to learn how they can learn to give feedback effectively. 

How Has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Bethany found the learning experience to be brilliant and it benefitted her greatly in her role. They were taught models on how to gain an awareness of the progress and performance of her team members. The models showed her how she can offer support to her employees when it is needed. She also started the programme finding it challenging to give feedback to her team members. Learning better ways to give feedback was a primary motivation for Bethany when attending our Sales Leadership and Management Programme. 

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