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West Berkshire Council

Jenny Graham attended the Senior Leadership Programme – CMI Level 7

Case Study Profile

Jenny Graham is the Event Delivery Manager at West Berkshire Council.

Company Overview

West Berkshire Council is the local authority governmental organisation that manages the administration of the county of Berkshire.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

As an Event Delivery Manager for a local authority, Jenny attended In Professional Development’s Senior Leadership Programme – CMI Level 7 to learn some practical leadership skills that she can take with her into her role. Due to the point that Jenny has reached within her career, she recognised that now was the perfect time to attend a training course to learn some essential leadership and management skills.

The Learning Experience

Jenny found that the tutor on the training course gave the delegates well rounded perspectives on all elements of the course. She also found that there was not a section of the course that the tutor didn’t have a depth of experience in. Jenny appreciated that the tutor gave them a burst of theory, and then followed it up with relevant discussions and group work. Jenny also found that the group discussions were very valuable. They helped to build the relationships within the group, and the dynamic between the delegates was very positive during the course.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Jenny found that she attended the course at a perfect time for her stage within her career. She has learned a wide range of skills on the course that are highly relevant and beneficial to her role and to her organisation. As a result, she would not hesitate to recommend this course to her colleagues.

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