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West Kent Housing Associaton

Heather Brightwell attended our Directors Development Programme – Strategic Marketing for Non Marketing Directors.

Case Study Profile

Heather Brightwell is a Communities Director for West Kent Housing Association . Directors Development Programme – Strategic Marketing for Non Marketing Directors

Company Overview

West Kent Housing Association has the aim to deliver places to live and space for current and future residents to grow. Their aim is to help to create a strong, prosperous and sustainable society in Kent, and to ensure that Kent is a place of opportunity for all.

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Heather Brightwell attended our Strategic Marketing for Non Marketing Directors training programme to learn marketing strategies and gain knowledge that would be beneficial to her role.

The Learning Experience

Heather found the tutor to be very knowledgeable in the subject matter, and they were also very skilled at facilitating. She found that the tutor helped everyone in the group to participate, and they helped to keep everyone in the group on track. Heather found that the course covered a large amount of content, and she found the handouts helpful to be able to go back and to follow up later and to put the learning into practice. Heather also appreciated the tutor’s offer to the group to follow up with them post course if they have any further questions.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Heather found the range of models have stuck with her. She has taken models taught on the training course forward into her role, and they have been very beneficial for her within her role.

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