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Wigan Council

Rebecca Murphy attended our Director Development Programme - Advanced Leadership for Directors.

Case Study Profile

Rebecca Murphy

Advanced Leadership for Directors 

Director of Strategy and Innovation at the Metropolitan Council.


Company Overview

The company that Rebecca works for is the Wigan Metropolitan Council. These are the local authority for the metropolitan borough of Wigan.

This company consists of 75 Councillors with one-third being elected three years in four. The borough is separated into 25 wards and each of these wards are representd by three of the council members. 

The Learning Objectives and Challenges

Rebecca said that with her being in a director role for the past seven years she wanted to ensure that her kowledge and skills in this are were up to date wiht the new thinking. She also said that she wishes to be able to respond effectively to a constantly changing operating environment and to reflect on any gaps or areas for her future development


The Learning Experience

Rebecca said that she really enjoyed the course and she listed a few highlights of the course which would be, that the opportunity to join a director course wiht different participants for all different types of business backgrounds and for her to learn from their experiencs and maybe refer to them one day. Another one was that she explored challenges and to test out the different leadership approaches and techniques. 

She also said  she was happy that the course she did was face to face as this gave the delegates valuable time and space to get to know each other, reflect on their different leadersip experience and help each other with their challenges. 

She stated that she welcomed the breadth of the programme from setting and delivering an effective vision, motivating and galvanising her teams, mastering her own leadership style and understanding its impact, developing herself and others, and exploring how to be a successful 21st century leader, with all the challenges that entails.

How has Your Training Benefited You So Far?

Rebecca stated that the course that she took part in has provided her wiht the opportunity for her to challenge her own leadership thinking and style and to reflect on what works well and areas for improvement. 

She then went on to say that all of the techniques and materials that she was provided with a compendium of tools and leadership approaches has allowed her to use these straight away in her every day practice. 

She finished off wiht saying that she particularly enjoyed the inputs on the leader as a coach. 

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