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Digital Skills Masterclass

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Digital Skills Masterclass

A 1 day masterclass held at venues across the UK, this course is one of our Essential Business Toolkit Series.

Within the next two decades, 90% of jobs will require some level of digital proficiency, while the shortage of technical skills continues to grow.

This one-day course gives participants the skills and knowledge to confidently manage and transform key digital aspects across their workplace. Participants will be well equipped to understand key digital terminology, be able to challenge the “experts” that they work with, both internally and externally and be confident in their wider digital knowledge.

The Digital Skills Masterclass will give you the essential knowledge, skills and confidence to improve your performance as a manager, leader and team member.

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1 Day

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About the Programme

This course is one of our Essential Business Toolkit Series. The course can be taken on its own or as part of the series. By attending this course, you will gain invaluable insights from industry experts in to new ways of working, innovative concepts and the latest theories that can be applied instantly on returning to your own organisation.

Through interactive presentations and open discussion, the facilitators will deliver a thought-provoking session, providing you with the key information, details and facts needed in an engaging and memorable environment:

On completion of this course, delegates will:

  • Understand digital basics like Social Media or Digital Marketing
  • Understand about digital tools, as well as important concepts such as Search Engine Optimisation
  • Understand digital technologies’ impact upon data and knowledge management for analysing business decision making
  • Develop digital literacy skills and understand how the cloud can benefit your role

Session 1

The day will cover the following elements:

Managing Information

  • Find, manage, store and present digital information and content relating to employment securely
  • Apply search terms to generate better results whilst searching for information
  • Gather and organise information from different digital sources
  • Organise information using files and folders
  • Use storage, including the cloud, to store files, photos and other data
  • Qualify information sources, evaluating their reliability and suitability for a purpose Synchronise information across different devices
  • Make use of standard analytical tools in applications to better interpret information
  • Follow business privacy and security policies when accessing systems and handling business information


  • Communicate, interact, collaborate, share and connect with others securely in a business context
  • Use a range of contemporary digital media to communicate with others in business
  • Set up and use email address books and contact lists. Use online video conferencing or direct messaging applications to communicate with others
  • Select communication modes for different business interactions. Contribute to online networks and communities
  • Use business etiquette when communicating. Share information securely with colleagues through the cloud
  • Adopt professional approaches to using digital communications and social media


  • Purchase and sell goods and services and interact with financial systems whilst protecting personal and company data and respecting others’ privacy
  • Create and maintain a secure online identity, recognising own digital footprint and the long-term impact of all online activity
  • Make use of online learning resources (e.g. tutorials or videos)
  • Apply the requirements of copyright and intellectual property rights when using online content. Use shared and cloud-based online digital applications
  • Follow licensing guidelines, using only approved and licensed software applications
  • Conduct business transactions safely and securely

Problem Solving

  • Increase independence and confidence by solving business related problems and finding solutions using digital tools; identify malicious websites, links, pop-up windows and associated scams
  • Can contact a helpdesk or seek online help to solve a problem
  • Plan learning in basic digital skills by making use of available resources including online tutorials, FAQs and advice forums
  • Keep up to date with digital developments in the work environment adopting new techniques to improve productivity in business
  • Make use of online gallery sites to store and share images and video
  • Use different multimedia formats according to purpose
  • Seek support from approved sources and escalate security related issues

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development

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Is this course right for you?

  • Contribute to the reduction of the digital skills gap in the UK
  • Give employees the digital skills they need to help businesses succeed
  • Provide individuals with essential digital skills
  • Enables your company to benefit from the opportunities that digital technology and the wider infrastructure have to offer
  • Adapt your business model to maximise the benefits from the take up and exploitation of digital technologies
  • Embed digital in your strategic planning


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