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Our Partnership with the University of Chester

In Professional Development are delighted to be an academic partner of the University of Chester. For the last 5 years we have been working closely with the university to design, develop and deliver highly interactive programmes that offer an optional postgraduate certificate qualification.

The partnership between In Professional Development and the university allows us to bring innovative, engaging and industry relevant programmes to the market. Our programmes carry the academic quality and rigour expected from high quality executive programme but are uniquely designed and delivered around the demands, pressures and challenges that face busy working professionals. Our unique and flexible approach makes it easier than ever to access expert programmes and gain postgraduate qualifications that are validated by the University of Chester.

Chester Business School

Chester Business School is situated within the Faculty of Science, Business and Enterprise at the University of Chester. The school prides itself on providing industry-oriented research and high-quality leadership training across various management domains.

We work with the team here to validate our postgraduate certificate qualifications, including the Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration, the Postgraduate Certificate in Strategic Leadership for Directors and the Postgraduate Certificate in Executive Education. We have also established a dedicated pathway for those wanting to continue their studies to complete a full masters with the university.

To find out more about Chester Business School, please click on the following link:

Chester Business School | University of Chester


Work Based and Integrative Studies (WBIS)


WBIS is the University of Chester’s unique and flexible system for devising bespoke qualification for diverse work environments and has been listed as one of the UK’s best breakthroughs for its significant impact on people’s everyday lives. This learning framework is ideally suited to our postgraduate certificate offering, allowing us to develop qualifications that are flexible and relevant to today’s work-place environments.

To find out more about WBIS, please click on the following link:

Work Based & Integrative Studies | University of Chester

Click here to find out more about the qualifications that we run in collaboration with the University of Chester.

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