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Why is Self-Awareness Important When Training Managers?

Why is Self-Awareness Important When Training Managers?

Self-awareness is hugely important in any management or leadership role, and good self-awareness training can boost your performance. In this post, we’ll discuss the importance of self-awareness training for managers and how it helps you to lead. We’ll also recommend some courses that can help to start building your self-awareness. 

Why is self-awareness important when training managers?

As a manager, you carry a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You’re responsible for coordinating team members and leading them effectively. You interact with them regularly. You delegate tasks. You make decisions. You ensure sure things get done on time, to the required standard, and within budget. In the background, you should also be refining your leadership skills. Ultimately, you’re under a lot of pressure.

Good self-awareness training will help you focus better, manage your emotions easier, and understand where your emotions are taking you to. You’ll build healthier, more productive relationships with your team, and you’ll make better decisions.

In everything you do, you’re the one constant, which is why self-awareness is so important. All good leaders possess it. The greater your self-awareness, the more powerful your impact.

How self-awareness training helps managers

Taking self-awareness training will create the opportunity for you to lead much better. Below, we’ve picked out some of the main benefits of self-awareness training.

Self-awareness training will help you to stay focused

As a manager or a leader, you encounter a lot of distractions in the workplace (and out of it). Many different things clamour for your attention. You’ll learn to identify potential areas of distraction, sidestep them, and focus on what you must do to keep moving forward.

Self-awareness training will teach you to identify your strengths and weakness

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your training will help you identify areas in which you excel or in which you still need to do some work. Discovering strengths and weakness puts you in a position to improve and grow. 

Self-awareness training will develop your understanding of what triggers you

Anyone in a leadership role must remain cool under pressure, but even the very best of us get hot under the collar or rattled sometimes. Good self-awareness training can help you spot situations that could trigger a strong reaction.

There’s nothing wrong with feeling a bit of emotion and showing it — we’re all only human, after all — but you should process these feelings before communicating with others. From the perspective of your colleagues, a superior with a volatile temperament isn’t a good thing.

Self-awareness training will help you to build better professional relationships

Self-awareness training will improve your communication with others. You’ll listen better, which is every bit as important as getting your message across to others. This active listening will make a positive impression on people and, ultimately, allow you to strengthen relationships with your teams.

How to get started with self-awareness training

We have two courses that incorporate self-awareness training into them as part of your professional development. They’re an excellent place to start.

Strategic Leadership Programme

Our Strategic Leadership Programme incorporates the theme ‘Personality and Drivers in Leadership’ and will help you develop strong self-awareness, an important part of this leadership style in which you form a vision, must persuade everyone to buy into that vision, and then operate in a way that works towards making it happen. 

As part of the training in strategic leadership, the course aims to build your self-awareness, deepen your understanding of your personality, and teach you how this will influence the way you design strategy and lead. It’s a superb course to learn about self-awareness, especially in the context of strategic leadership.

CMI Level 7 Senior Leadership Programme

Our CMI Level 7 Senior Leadership Programme includes a whole day exploring the topic of ‘Self as Leader’, which features a section on ‘Self-awareness and emotional intelligence’. You’ll learn tools and techniques to help you consider your impact and how you work with others, and the course will help you to practise essential interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

The course aims to equip you with an overall understanding of senior leadership, with strategic leadership and management skills to enhance team performance, and with the knowledge to inspire, influence, and build high performing teams. You’ll complete the course with a recognised CIM Level 7 certificate.

Book your course with us

To book your place on a course directly, choose an available date and press the ‘Book your place’ button to start the process. If you’d like to know more about our courses or some of our other training options, email us at enquiries@inpd.co.uk or fill in the form on our contact page

You can also reach us on 0161 826 3139 or, by using the ‘Request a callback’ link, provide us with your contact details and someone will get in touch with you. 

We’re here to support you on your professional development journey, so feel free to get in touch for advice. We’ll help you decide what would be the right training path for you.


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