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C-Suite Leaders Programme

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C-Suite Leaders Programme

Our ‘C-Suite Leaders Programme’ offers seasoned directors the rare opportunity to step back, reflect and rethink their approach to building and leading high-performing boards to meet the needs of their organisation, both nationally and globally. 

This programme has been designed to invest C-level executives with high-level strategic expertise and awareness of their personal impact. Participants will be empowered to lead their organisation confidently, dynamically and effectively in a fast-changing environment. The course provides participants with a takeaway ‘tool box’ invaluable guides and templates, including: 

  • A business valuation template 
  • A funding strategy guide 
  • A due diligence check list 
  • A media management guide 
  • A risk management matrix 
  • A business continuity policy 

What’s more, it is led by corporate financier, award-winning director and renowned ‘deal-maker’ Jo Haigh, who promises to help get the best out of ambitious executives. 

The course explores: 

  • Board composition, competencies, development and growth 
  • Board function, structure, reporting and meetings 
  • Crisis and risk management – developing communications plans (including media relations, social media strategy and internal staff messaging), risk register and mitigation measures 
  • Problem-solving techniques to manage and harness conflict in the board to the advantage of the company 
  • Reading in forensic-level detail, and interpreting financial statements 
  • Business valuations, and how a deal process works

Course Summary


3 Day


Virtual Central Manchester Central London

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About the Programme

This course has been designed specifically for those with significant experience operating at board level and in C-level executive roles. 


This course is for you if you want to: 

  • Be a seasoned and experienced board director or driven to be a high performing C-level executive 
  • Build a diverse board that will grow and develop to the company’s needs 
  • Be involved with mergers and acquisitions, investing in or buying and selling of businesses 
  • Be able to read and understand accounts like an investigatory journalist would 
  • Build a resilient, high-performing, and world-class board 

The course will enhance participants’ board-level capacity and capability, and equip them with the additional knowledge and practical skills needed to develop and proactively drive a successful organisation.

This includes:

  • Evaluating and defining a strategic direction
  • Enhancing leadership and strategic decision-making skills
  • Establishing and achieving corporate goals
  • Ethics and integrity: learning about the importance of setting the tone at the top
  • Assess, evaluate and get the best from the board
  • The difference between an effective board and a high-performing board
  • Holding people to account
  • Understanding, managing, and taking risks
  • Leading through a crisis, including media relations management
  • Staying abreast of the changing landscape of shareholder engagement and value
  • Take an investigative approach to financial statements
  • Getting to the “financial truth” about the business
  • Raising finance in a post COVID-19 economy
  • Being able to self-assess: where are you most/least prepared?
  • Establishing legitimacy as the leader
  • The art of delegation


Session 1

Board Evolution to Revolution

Key themes include: 

  • Case study – analyse the board, it’s composition and talent and the basis of starting to build a future-proof model 
  • Make recommendations on how the board needs restructuring 
  • Consider how changes would be implemented 
  • Prepare a list of reserved powers for the board, which is key to protecting future decision making 
  • Why the best performing boards understand the crucial difference between what happens in a board meeting and a senior leadership team meeting 
  • Developing board agendas and papers 
  • Exercise – prepare an agenda for the board, including a senior leadership team agenda 
  • Holding the board to account 

Session 2

Crisis and Risk Management

Key themes include: 

  • Communicating with your stakeholders and building the reputation you need to survive 
  • Making risk management work positively 
  • Prepare a crisis communication plan to deal with a crisis (case study two) and present to the group 
  • Preparation of a risk mitigation plan with explanations on why you have chosen these routes (case study two) 
  • Preparation of risk register (case studies one and two) 
  • Practical problem-solving session – using innovative problem-solving techniques in the board, to manage and harness conflict in the board and gain the company an advantage

Session 3

Beyond the Numbers

Key themes include:  

  • The investigatory journalists guide to reading and interpreting financial statements, using the Cool Pools Ltd case study 
  • The practical ‘forensic’ guide to understanding the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and how financial statements can be legitimately skewed to hide the facts 
  • An insight into this dynamic world and how to spot deals, critical deal-makers and breakers 
  • Valuing a business using a Cool Pools Ltd case study 
  • Exercise – building deal structures 
  • How a deal process works – from issue to bid, due diligence, legal and completion 
  • The business funding market: 
  • Debt 
  • Equity 
  • Grants 
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Pros and cons and how to identify the right route 
  • Deal covenants and management 
  • Fundraising in a post-Covid world including exploring mergers, acquisitions and disposal market 

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development.

Jo Haigh

Jo Haigh


  • Winner of The Sunday Times NED of the Year award in association with Peel Hunt.
  • Non-Executive Director and Chair for a number of prestigious companies.
  • Winner of Acquisition International M&A Awards - Most Innovative UK Deal Negotiator 2016 and The AI One to Watch in Corporate Finance.
  • Winner of Non-Exec Director of the Year IoD Yorkshire & North East Awards.
  • Winner of the CBI First Women in Business Services Award.
  • Shortlisted for Inspiring Leader of the Year Forward Ladies and SME Business of the Year with Forward Ladies.
  • Best-selling author of seven books, including An Entrepreneurs Guide to Starting a New Business.
  • Since 1989, Jo has bought and sold over 400 companies, specialising in owner managed companies.

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Is this course right for you?

  • Be a seasoned and experienced board director or driven to be a high performing C-level executive
  • Build a diverse board that will grow and develop to the company’s needs
  • Be involved with mergers and acquisitions, investing or the buying and selling of businesses
  • Read and understand accounts like an investigatory journalist would
  • Build a resilient, high-performing, and world-class board


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