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Diversity and Inclusion Management Course - CMI Level 5

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Diversity and Inclusion Management Course - CMI Level 5

Equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) has moved from being marginal business concerns into being firmly positioned in the mainstream. Whether viewed from the perspective of brand and reputation, customer reach, or products and services, successful businesses are learning to tap into EDI as a source of genuine and lasting competitive advantage. 

There has been an understandable growth in the deployment of EDI specialists in organisations, and they will continue to play a vital role in strategy development and implementation. Organisations are realising that greater visibility and clout of the EDI function is only part of the solution. If the benefits in terms of workforce, workplace, and marketplace are to be realised, EDI needs to be positioned as a core competence for managers and leaders throughout the organisation. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Management Course - CMI Level 5 provides a vital space for leaders and managers at all levels to boost their understanding and effectiveness in the EDI arena. The course is designed to accommodate practitioners at all levels, and positions EDI as central (rather than additional) to effective management practice. All our delegates will benefit from the highly collaborative and participative delivery style, and all delegates will leave with enhanced clarity about the personal role they play in harnessing the benefits of EDI for their organisation. 

Course Summary


CMI Level 5 Award in Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - Optional


3 Day

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About Us

About the Programme

This course is ideally suited to;  

  • Practicing or aspiring managers and leaders to understand the business case for EDI.  
  • Leaders and managers with progression routes to implement the company’s EDI strategy.   
  • Practitioners with basic knowledge of EDI who want to deepen their knowledge and understand strategic approaches.  
  • Practitioners who will benefit from a highly collaborative and participative delivery style. 

*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On completion of this course, delegates will have:

  • A clear understanding of the legal and business imperatives driving progress and action in EDI terms
  • Knowledge of the ‘change levers’ needed to implement and deliver improvement through EDI
  • Enhanced understanding of the personal toolkit required by leaders and managers to connect EDI with individual and team performance
  • Planned the next steps they will take in ‘real-time’ to advance the EDI agenda in their organisation

Session 1

EDI as a Business Imperative

  • Welcome & introductions
  • Distinguishing equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Legal overview
  • The business case - and beyond
  • Strategy and planning tools
  • Case studies – analysis and action
  • Implementation tools – metrics, engagement, and governance

Session 2

The Personal Skills Toolkit

  • Aspects of diversity
  • Linking diversity and performance
  • Exploring bias
  • Understanding microincivilities and how to tackle them
  • Developing conversational skills – scenario exercises
  • Helpful hints in courageous conversations

Session 3

Towards Inclusive Cultures

  • The traits of inclusive leadership
  • Creating psychological safety in teams
  • Mapping development of inclusive leadership skills
  • The hallmarks of inclusive cultures
  • Fostering belonging at work
  • Next steps – developing an implementation project
  • Round-up and close

CMI Level 5 Award in Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Following completion of the Diversity and Inclusion Management Course, learners can opt to continue their studies by completing a CMI Level 5 Award in Managing Equality, Diversity and InclusionThis qualification is designed for practising or aspiring middle managers and leaders who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner.   

Learners are required to complete one 3,500-4,000 word written assignment.  Units to be completed include: 

  • 506: Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion 

Benefits of completing the qualification include: 

For learners: 

  • Enables learners to understand the business case for equality, diversity and inclusion and the role of managers in creating inclusive cultures. 
  • Provides the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to continual learning and development.  
  • Accredited qualification and certificate on completion. 

For organisations: 

  • Establishing the role of managers in creating inclusive cultures.

Learners also receive: 

  • Targeted tutorials run by our CMI-qualified tutors, to help learners complete the assignment writing phase. 
  • Dedicated support from the Quality Assurance Team here at In Professional Development, including regular CMI learner drop-in sessions.  
  • Access to a wealth of CMI online learning resources through their Management Direct website. 

Please take a look at our CMI FAQs to find out more about how the qualification works. 

Fitzroy Andrew

Fitzroy Andrew


With a passion for learning; high standards; committed to social causes; grounded humility; an unerring instinct for developing potential. These qualities are amongst the hallmarks of Fitzroy’s 40-year career, and they continue to drive him as he develops his portfolio of work with individuals and enterprises.

He knows what it is to climb the career ladder. An HR Director at 29, a charity CEO by his mid-thirties, author of an award-winning research report, and a leader at executive and non-executive levels of SMEs and social enterprises over the last twenty years. Fitzroy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge in strategy, leadership development, coaching and mentoring.

A gifted communicator, Fitzroy is turning his talents to focus in two key areas. The first is to work with individuals to make career and life success meaningful through strengthening and expressing what he calls their ‘Achievement Mindset’. This will be delivered through a tailored support package of coaching and self-presentation, and is equally relevant to employed and self-employed professionals.

The second arises out of his experience as a child of the Windrush generation, and is about helping corporate enterprises get the best from inclusive leadership. Teams in today’s workplace need to know how to maximise the contribution and effort from everyone; this places a premium on relationships. The most successful teams are the most inclusive teams, and Fitzroy is highly skilled at working with groups to help them unlock high performance through inclusion.

Naomi Buthee

Naomi Buthee


Naomi Buthee is an experienced, CIPD qualified people management professional with experience of designing and deploying strategies across multiple sectors. Outside of her corporate experience, she works with various organisations and individuals, providing support and advice on a range of people and strategic issues. Naomi's knowledge, enthusiasm and energy brings her courses to life.

Joanna Frith-Williams

Joanna Frith-Williams


Joanna’s background is in Further and Higher Education, initially as a lecturer and manager but for the past 10 years, as an Executive Leader. She has a passion for teaching and learning, the power of education to fundamentally change lives and social justice. She is expert in Professional Development, External Partnerships. Curriculum, Quality, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding and the Learner Experience. Joanna’s research interests have included policy enactment, the role of consultants in impactful change management and coaching/mentoring for highly preforming organisations. Joanna has successfully run her own consultancy for a number of years. 

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  • Gain a clear understanding of the legal and business imperatives driving progress and action in EDI terms
  • Understand the change levers needed to implement and deliver improvement through EDI


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