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Leading Culture Change Programme - CMI Level 7

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Leading Culture Change Programme - CMI Level 7

The Leading Culture Change programme is designed to help senior business leaders understand the importance of culture in their organisations and provide them with the tools and strategies they need to effect positive culture change. The programme will focus on developing a deep understanding of the current culture that exists within an organisation, aligning culture with organisational objectives, and developing and executing a plan to deliver effective change.  

The course will equip senior business leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to lead culture change in their organisations. Participants will build a deeper understanding of the importance of culture to deliver organisational goals, improve performance and create more inclusive work environments to build a more engaged and productive workforce. 

This is a highly interactive programme which will focus on the practical application of organisational change-based theories for real-world impact. Learners will feel empowered to return to their organisations with a structured plan to deliver change and the confidence to apply and communicate strategies for success. 

Course Summary


Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice - Optional


3 Day

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About Us

About the Programme

Designed for those with a minimum 3 years senior management/leadership experience including managers, senior leaders, department heads, project managers, business owners, Board Members, CEOs and trustees. 

*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On successful completion of the course, participants will have learned how to:  

These learning outcomes will equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and strategies they need to successfully deliver culture change within their organisations and drive positive organisational transformation.

  • Understand the role and impact of culture in driving organisational success. 
  • Identify the current culture within your own organisation and assess its strengths and weaknesses and alignment to organisational objectives.  
  • Analyse internal and external factors that drive the need for culture change. 
  • Define and articulate a clear vision for culture change. 
  • Develop a contextualised and comprehensive culture change strategy aligned to business goals and strategies. 
  • Examine evidence-based insights into how culture change can impact individuals, teams, and organisations. 
  • Develop effective communication strategies to engage stakeholders and deliver culture change within the organisation.   
  • Identify, manage and overcome resistance to change and build buy-in among stakeholders. 
  • Set realistic goals and objectives for culture change initiatives. 
  • Identify key drivers and levers for successful culture change. 
  • Empower leaders and managers to act as change agents and drive culture change. 
  • Learn techniques to sustain culture change and embed new behaviours into the organisation. 
  • Celebrate successes and recognise cultural champions within the organisation. 
  • Evaluate and mitigate risks associated with change implementation. 
  • Understand the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation in sustaining culture change.


Session 1

Understanding culture and Creating a Culture Change Strategy and Action Plan  

Key themes include:  

  • The central role culture plays in delivering organisational success 
  • Exploring the benefits and challenges of culture change 
  • Exploring the impact of organisational culture on performance and success (Schein's Three Levels of Culture). 
  • Analysing internal and external drivers of change in today’s changing business landscape.  
  • Denison Organisational Culture Model: Analysing the dimensions of culture (mission, adaptability, involvement, and consistency) to assess strengths and areas for improvement. 
  • Case studies of successful culture change initiatives 
  • Defining the vision and goal of culture change within the organisation 
  • Defining core values and behaviours aligned with the desired culture 
  • Developing a comprehensive culture change plan, setting realistic goals and objectives. 
  • Identifying key drivers and aligning culture change with business strategies and goals 
  • Defining metrics and measures to track progress

Session 2

Leading, Implementing and Engaging the Organisation in Culture Change 

Key themes include: 

  • Building a culture change team and assigning roles and responsibilities 
  • Communicating the culture change vision and plan throughout the organisation 
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence 
  • Engaging employees at all levels and Empowering leaders and managers to act as change agents 
  • Managing resistance and addressing challenges during culture change 
  • Kotter 8-steps of change updated to include recent organisational research 
  • Transformational Vs Transactional leadership  
  • The Change Curve, grief, loss & trauma, and the relationship to change. 
  • Identifying, mitigating and managing risks and overcoming obstacles during culture change process.

Session 3

Sustaining Culture Change and Delivery your Culture Change Strategy  

Key these include:  

  • Reinforcing the desired culture through systems and processes 
  • Embedding new behaviours and practices into daily operations 
  • Creating accountability mechanisms for culture change 
  • Celebrating successes and recognising cultural champions 
  • Developing strategies for continuous improvement and adaptation 
  • Dealing with wicked problems & decision making 
  • Managing risk using the Rasmussen risk management concept 
  • Communicating change to stakeholders 
  • Presenting your strategic change plan 

By exploring well-known models and theories such as Schein's Three Levels of Culture, Kotter's 8-Step Change Model, Denison Organisational Culture Model, and others, this course ensures that participants have a strong theoretical foundation and practical tools to effectively lead culture change initiatives within their organisations. 

CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice 

Following completion of the Leading Culture Change Programme, learners can opt to continue their studies by completing a CMI Level 7 Award in Strategic Management and Leadership PracticeThis qualification is designed for practising middle managers and leaders at operations, division, departmental or specialist level, who are typically accountable to a senior manager or business owner. 

Learners are required to complete one 4,000-4,500 word written assignment.  Units to be completed include: 

  • 705: Leading Strategic Change 

Benefits of completing the qualification include: 

For learners: 

  • Enables learners to develop the professionalism to deliver impact and behave ethically. 
  • Enables learners to understand the scope, context and complexity of leading strategic change. 
  • Provides the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to continual learning and development.  
  • Accredited management and leadership qualification and certificate on completion. 

For organisations: 

  • Learners will build on their strategic management and leadership skills to focus on the requirements of embedding the organisation’s strategy. 
  • Provides skills and behaviours to drive core business activities. 
  • Optimises an organisation’s ability to remain competitive, react to the needs and expectations of stakeholders and respond to changing national and international markets. 

Learners also receive: 

  • Targeted tutorials run by our CMI-qualified tutors, to help learners complete the assignment writing phase. 
  • Dedicated support from the Quality Assurance Team here at In Professional Development, including regular CMI learner drop-in sessions.  
  • Access to a wealth of CMI online learning resources through their Management Direct website. 

Please take a look at our CMI FAQs to find out more about how the qualification works.  

Stephanie Corking

Stephanie Corking


Stephanie is an experienced learning and development facilitator with over 20 years’ experience working in the people development field for major brands and retailers. She is passionate about helping people learn and grow, and she is known for her ability to create engaging and interactive training experiences. 

Stephanie has designed and delivered tailor-made training programs for major clients in a variety of industries, including retail, construction, public sector, finance, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Programs resulted in measurable and tangible benefits to the business, such as increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced costs. She has also worked across talent, performance and learning, using psychometric assessment tools that identified the current and future capability needs which were impacting on business performance, and developed solutions to address these. 

Throughout her career, Stephanie managed several large organisational and cultural change programmes, ensuring the businesses she works with are fit for purpose and have a highly skilled and engaged workforce. She has a proven track record of training and coaching managers to explore specific issues, individual or organisational difficulties, and co-creating appropriate strategies to improve their leadership style and management performance. This has resulted in improved employee morale, increased productivity, and reduced turnover of senior management. 

Stephanie’s passion is identifying strengths and working with clients to enhance what they are already good at as well as overcoming obstacles to improve relationships at work, thus improving communication styles and leadership behaviours.  

Skills and Abilities: 

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills 
  • Strong interpersonal and management skills
  • Ability to design and deliver training programs
  • Ability to use a variety of training methods
  • Experience with a variety of learning technologies 

Stephanie is accredited and qualified in Myers Briggs MBTI Step One and Two and Disc profiling tools and has a coaching qualification from Oxford Brooks University. 

Our dedicated In-House Training team can work with you to create a tailored training course that creates an optimal learning experience. Our bespoke built training programmes are designed around your needs and allow you to meet the specific requirements of your business.

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Is this course right for you?

  • Increased employee engagement ensuring employees feel a strong sense of purpose, alignment with organisational values, have opportunities for personal growth and increase productivity.
  • Improved organisational performance through stronger collaboration, effective communication, sharing of knowledge and best practice. Leading to enhanced efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness.
  • A more inclusive workspace that ensures employees are valued.
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Increased innovation, agility and adaptability by creating open, creative and safe work environments which foster problem-solving and collaboration.
  • Stronger organisational alignment ensuring that employees at all levels within the organisation are aligned with the wider vision, values, and goals.
  • Improved corporate reputation leading to an ability to attract new customers and retain a high performing and talented workforce.


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