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LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

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LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

Our LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace course includes an exploration of LGBTQ+ terminology, helping participants gain a solid grasp of the various identities within the community. It also delves into the concepts of gender identity and expression, breaking down stereotypes and preconceived notions.

A vital component of the course is the examination of LGBTQ+ history, including the Stonewall Riots, the AIDS epidemic, and milestones in the fight for LGBTQ+ rights. This historical context helps participants appreciate the struggles and achievements of the community.

The course also covers topics like coming out, discrimination, and the intersectionality of identity, acknowledging that LGBTQ+ individuals may experience multiple forms of marginalisation.

Participants learn about legal and policy issues affecting LGBTQ+ individuals, including discrimination laws, marriage equality, and healthcare disparities. They are encouraged to advocate for change and support inclusive policies.

The course also emphasises allyship, promoting the idea that everyone can play a role in supporting and uplifting LGBTQ+ individuals.

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About the Programme

This course is a comprehensive educational programme designed for leaders and managers to foster understanding, empathy, and inclusivity for individuals of all sexual orientations and gender identities. This course aims to address critical aspects of LGBTQ+ issues, history, terminology, and contemporary challenges.

It offers a comprehensive education on LGBTQ+ issues, fostering a more informed, compassionate, and inclusive society by equipping participants with the knowledge and tools to be allies and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • Have increased knowledge of LGBTQ+ Advocate for change and support inclusive policies
  • Develop knowledge and tools to be allies and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Fostering a more informed, compassionate, and inclusive society.
*Please note that some of the materials and objectives may be subject to change depending on discussions, activities and needs of the cohort upon reflection of delegate responses to the pre-programme questionnaires.*

On completion of this programme, delegates will: 

  • Have increased knowledge of LGBTQ+  
  • Develop historical awareness. 
  • Develop and foster empathy & sensitivity in the workplace. 
  • Gain allyship skills. 
  • Knowledge of the necessary legalities & policies. 
  • Develop intersectionality awareness. 
  • Clarity of inclusive language and terminology.  
  • Understand and be able to develop community engagement. 
  • Have improved self-reflection. 
  • Develop better conflict resolution. 



Session 1

Understanding LGBTQ+ 

Key themes include:

  • Introduction to LGBTQIA+ Terminology and Concepts
  • Understanding LGBTQIA+ Identities
  • Historical Context and Challenges
  • Legal Protections
  • Unconscious Bias and Stereotypes

Session 2

Communication Strategies & Developing knowledge and tools to be advocates for LGBTQ+ colleagues 

Key themes include:

  • Creating an Inclusive Workplace
  • Respectful Language and Pronouns
  • Handling Disclosure and Privacy
  • Reporting and Addressing Discrimination
  • Support and Resources
  • Case Studies and Scenarios
  • Ongoing Education and Awareness 

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to the delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development.

Tash Thomas

Tash Thomas


Tash (she/her) is an Inclusion and Diversity Consultant, presenter, speaker and LGBTQIA+ Activist, who is at the forefront of conversation. Tash uses her lived experience and identity as a Black queer woman to continue the focus on diversity and inclusion in society and in the workplace. She provides valuable insight into how to remove barriers associated with diversity and constructively ensure that opportunities can be accessed with equity in both the workplace and wider in our local and global communities. 

She is also co-founder of ‘Breaking the Distance’, a unique LGBTQIA+ travel and relationship blog, (alongside her wife, Marthe). Breaking the Distance aims to educate and promote positive LGBTQIA+ visibility, whilst also providing a safe space for people to be their authentic selves.  

Currently Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the European Coworking Assembly, Tash’s responsibilities lie in developing a working and actionable guideline for advancing EDI and creating safe spaces within the coworking industry. 

Originally trained as a Musical Theatre performer, Tash’s style of delivery is engaging, fun and positive, as she focuses on providing information in a way that allows participants to reflect and relate the content to their own lives. She is a believer in the power of story-telling and often incorporates her own lived experience into her delivery.   

Tash is a seasoned and experienced speaker and panel member on equality and diversity discussions, and has spoken at events for organisations including the Women’s Equality Party UK, International IDEA Project, Mercedes Formula 1 and Skyscanner. As well as being a Queer Leader for the non-profit, We Create Space.  

She is a Certified Diversity Professional from the North Hertfordshire College and is a Certified NLP practitioner from  iGNLP/ABNLP.  

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  • Have increased knowledge of LGBTQ+
  • Advocate for change and support inclusive policies
  • Develop knowledge and tools to be allies and advocates for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Fostering a more informed, compassionate, and inclusive society


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