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Supporting Women in the Workplace Programme

Supporting Women in the Workplace Programme

Over the past few years, organisations have come a long way in recognising the importance of supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  With 16.06 million women aged over 16 in employment and c. 37% of directorships occupied by women. 

As organisations become more gender diverse, acknowledging and supporting women’s health in the workplace has become increasingly more important.  Promoting an inclusive working environment for all genders and ages is paramount for every organisation and can help women employees better manage their workload and reduce stress, leading to improved mental and physical health. 

Women’s health and wellbeing is a growing focus for many organisations as they consider how to attract and retain female talent in the workplace. This programme is an opportunity for business leaders and managers to educate themselves and their teams on women’s health and any issues associated with it.  Those signs and symptoms that may affect working life, from events such as periods, menstrual cycles, conditions associated with periods, pregnancy, fertility struggles or menopause which may impact their performance at work.  Knowing how to support is essential in keeping women in the workplace. 

This programme not only informs and educates on women’s health events, it considers how managers can normalise and encourage conversations around women’s health at work, how the policies you have in place support the changing needs of women. 

After all gender diverse businesses are more likely to financially outperform their counterparts. 

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About the Programme

This programme is designed for managers and leaders of teams, male or female looking to improvement their people management skills. 

Do you know your organisations gender pay gap?  Have you ever considered the motherhood penalty?  Have you ever thought about the impact women’s health issues have on productivity?  This is your opportunity to interact in a safe space to understand, discuss and create a plan of action regarding the implications of women’s health in your organisation. 

On completion of this programme, delegates will: 

  • Gain awareness on key considerations for cultural change linked to women’s health and wellbeing within organisations. 
  • Gain awareness on proactive health and wellbeing strategies that can truly support women’s health – equipping businesses with proactive considerations. 
  • Learn about the range of women’s health conditions that can have an impact on engagement and absence levels.  
  • Understand how hormones change throughout the menstrual cycle and how that may show up in the workplace – enabling leaders to have strong awareness. 
  • Have awareness of helpful and reasonable adjustments to support symptoms and experiences throughout each monthly cycle. 
  • Understand the different life stages of women’s health including what changes, how people will know and how best to support.  
  • Understand how to build and effectively use women’s health policies in the workplace.  
  • Learn about inclusive and supportive language to create an open culture on topics of women’s health   
  • Learn about the cost implications to businesses linked to women’s health and how to boost ROI.  



Session 1

Key themes include: 

  • Women’s health and wellbeing current context
  • Key statistics surrounding women’s health
  • The business case for supporting women in the workplace
  • Areas of impact in your business; PPE, equipment, building design, childcare, flexible working, health support 

Session 2

Key themes include: 

  • How symptoms linked to life stages can impact individuals personally and professionally. Including the range of women’s health conditions and stats surrounding this
  • Women’s health; hormones through the menstrual cycle and throughout the different life stages
  • Proactive considerations for a manager to promote women’s health and wellbeing
  • Practical actions managers can take to support women’s health and wellbeing.  
  • Case studies linked to organisations/managers getting this right and the impacts
  • How to have conversations on women’s health  
  • Action planning to enable clear next steps and success post-course 

Whilst this programme is not linked to a formal qualification, it will contribute to the delegate’s ongoing personal and professional development.

Kelly Beaumont

Kelly Beaumont


Kelly has coached for over 10 years and has continuously supported women in the workplace, whilst developing her own career as a senior leader within financial services. Following the birth of her daughter 3 years ago, Kelly made the decision to specialise in women’s health to better understand how hormones work. 

Since qualifying, Kelly has worked with a vast range of individuals and businesses to raise awareness on women’s health to inform and empower women and those who support women – enabling them to thrive both personally and professionally. 

Kelly’s informative webinars have received comments such as “I’ve learned more in the last 40 minutes than I have done in all the consultations with my doctor”. With her programmes described as “life-changing”. 

Whilst Kelly never provides medical advice – all her work is underpinned by the most recent and up-to-date scientific evidence to ensure learners walk away with practical knowledge and information as well as guidance for implementation in the workplace. 

Dr. Victoria Smith-Collins

Dr. Victoria Smith-Collins


Dr Victoria Smith-Collins, Managing Director of Smith-Collins International, is one of our most experienced trainer-facilitators and coaches.

Victoria has over 20 years of academic and corporate experience that spans international markets.  She has trained/supervised academic programmes up to MBA level (including delivering lectures, tutorials and dissertation supervision). Victoria has also worked extensively with the Chartered Management Institute, delivering programmes, examining and verifying assessment work.

Victoria specialises in leadership/management development, with a focus on strategic leadership, consumer psychology (the subject of her Ph.D), organisational development and change management.  She has worked internationally for 13 years, where she has worked for an international training institute and has headed the Learning and Development function at one of the Middle East’s largest regional banks.

Whilst at the training institute, Victoria grew and developed a number of professional UK based programmes (including those from CMI and CIM).  She logged over 1500 hours of training/facilitation, training professionals from the financial services sector and other public and private sector organisations.  Before moving  to the bank, Victoria took on a senior business development role which primarily involved consulting with key clients (cross-sectors) and partnering with them to understand their development needs and tailor programmes to fulfil those needs.

Whilst at the bank, Victoria also took the role of HR business partner which involved working closely with departments on strategic change management projects.  The role involved many hours of coaching at multiple levels, from junior up to senior executives.  Trained as a coach through the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM, UK), Victoria has over 1500 hours of international coaching experience that crosses industries.  Executive coaching is indeed one of her passions and her track-record of results is outstanding.

Kerry Robinson

Kerry Robinson


Kerry describes herself as a hybrid professional working on the intersection of cultural development, improvement science and positive performance delivery. Kerry has a strategic focus, emphasising strategy into action through operational delivery. 

Kerry’s career has spanned equally the private sector and NHS, having worked in logistics, food manufacturing, telecommunications and oil research across a range of technical disciplines.  Kerry is a chartered management accountant, green belt six sigma improvement trained, Kings Fund Top Management Programme Alumni.  

For 13 years Kerry was employed in the NHS, six years as a Board Director, also Senior Responsible Officer for MSK care in a forming integrated care system.  Kerry’s portfolio has spanned strategy, organisational development, quality improvement, research, project management. 

Kerry now has a portfolio career being both a practitioner and a trainer in her mix of consultancy and training work ensuring she stays up to date with current theory, context and practice. Kerry is also a sessional lecturer teaching improvement science and organisational development at Masters level for several universities.  

Kerry has a strong belief in bringing training to life through practice to embed in the grain of their organisations. 

Our dedicated In-House Training team can work with you to create a tailored training course that creates an optimal learning experience. Our bespoke built training programmes are designed around your needs and allow you to meet the specific requirements of your business.

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  • Understand how to support women in your workplace
  • Develop your management skills to increase productivity through understanding women’s health issues
  • Awareness of reasonable adjustments to support women’s health in the workplace.
  • How to create the space for open and supported conversations on women’s health issues


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